Make money blogging

If we go a few years back we will found that earning with blogging was just a joke unless and until you are a public figure. But now there are so many options for earning in blogging that an individual can make enough for his living.

Making a blog

Creating a blog or a personal blog is not that complex task as it used to be earlier. Now there are numerous of websites floating around the web which offers you to create a blog and even offers to create a blog without paying a single penny.

Copywriting Then and Now Is Like Chalk and Cheese

Millions of advertising and marketing campaigns solely depend on copywriting. History clearly indicates the power of copywriting and its role in brand positioning.

5 Solutions to Blogger’s Block

It always starts from passion, whether you have a desire to start a blog, or any business for that matter. There’s a subject you know a lot about and you want to talk about it, and you want to leverage this knowledge to promote your business or build

Virtual Reality: Possibilities for Writers

Virtual Reality (VR) is a genuine game-changer in the world of modern technologies. Earnings coming from the VR industry should reach $40 billion by 2020, which proves the gigantic potential of this hi-tech trend.

Blogging Will Remain an Important Content Marketing Strategy for Businesses in the Future

The popularity of blogging is on the rise. Even though the number of internet users who engaged with blogs on computers in the United States has decreased from 32.58 million in Q3 of 2013 to 29.1 million in Q1 of 2016, it doesn’t mean blogs have become less popular among online users.

Making Balance Between Content Creation & Content Marketing

The debate about balancing content creation vs content marketing has been raging on the web ever since Tim Berners-Lee cooked up the first website in 1990. In this article, we aim to put this issue to rest once and for all by combining the two...

5 Content Marketing Blunders That Are Scaring Away Readers!!!

How have your content marketing efforts been? Are they paying off?

4 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

When they say Content is the king, then in that case, promotion is queen! Your quality content will not get noticed by anyone, unless and until you make people visit your site.

4 Reasons People Don’t Want to Read Your BLOG

You have spent hours writing new articles for your blog every single day, but that time doesn’t always bring back readers. If nobody is reading your blog, it’s time to be honest with yourself and get deep into the issue. Why is there any audience on your blog, and what can you do to improve this scenario?

Why Content Is Important For More than Just SEO?

Is SEO the prime reason you are investing in content? Your reason is good but can be better if you know content has a lot more to offer! As digital is booming, people are inundated with brands beating their drums through advertisements.

20 Qualities You Should Have: To Be A Best Content Writer!!!

It is common belief that content writing is so easy. Anyone can do it! It is true that content writing is an entry level job for a freelancer, but this fact is not enough to decrease the difficulty level of this job. Believe it or not.

How to Proofread an Article in 6 Simple Steps

Blogging is one of those tasks, in which you have all the freedom to work. You can choose your time, your favorite place and work from conveniently. This article is not about lazy and good side of Blogging but about how to proofread an article.

Want To Reduce Bounce Rate? Make Your Content Interactive!!!

Every day, concerned internet marketers research ways to cut down their website’s high bounce rate, but unfortunately, many of them still haven’t found out just how.

For Better Ad Targeting Refine Your Facebook Audience

Posting creative and trendy content and still not getting the optimum reach? Maybe you are targeting the wrong audience. The reach of your Facebook page and adverts depends a lot on the audience you are targeting.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can be thought of as a subset of digital marketing. It is an art of marketing your business to attract mobile device users.

Is A Big Budget Needed for Digital Marketing?

Like any aspect, it always relies on what terms of digital marketing you’re going to add to your plan.


Outsourcing is the process of hiring external vendors by a company to handle their one or more business processes.

Digital Marketing: Most Important Facts about Social Media

For a normal Social media user, all platforms can be easy as, tweeting, posting, liking and sharing but for those, who are in the business and the digital marketing, social media platforms are huge and highly difficult to cover.

Main Benefits of Digital Marketing

Through digital marketing efforts, one can get more accurate results in real time, not like the other offline marketing tactics. When you use any offline medium like a newspaper ad, it is difficult to estimate that how many people see your ad.

3 Reasons, Why Posting as A Guest Can Help Grow Your Online Audience?

There are three reasons why guest posting is a key technique for every blogger to build and increase their online influential area:


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