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Mass Communication acts as the connection point that links various disciplines such as advertising, journalism, broadcasting, communication, etc

You may have heard of the term scholarship, which means the amount of money awarded to a student in order for him/her to pursue an education and pay for academic-related tuition and fees.

University assigns projects on various topics so that the students can get new information about the unexplored areas and it also develops skills such as writing, critical thinking, organising of data and various others.

There is more to studying than preparing for exams. You live this idea while working on the assignments, don’t you? But very soon, like every other undergraduate, you too will realise that assignment writing also becomes a race.

AI is becoming a good source of learning and contributes very well in teaching and learning process of students according to their requirement.

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Why live your life in a bored way when you can enjoy in colleges and let the fun begin.

Fashion designing is one of the industries that have seen an exponential boom in the last few decades.

The design is one course which has been on the constant radar of developing careers of a lot of students worldwide. Many institutions and colleges are offering the top-notch design courses with different courses and schedules

Architecture and planning has been deeply embodied inside the Indian culture. With science and technology coupled with architecture, India had reached the pinnacle of success.