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  • 3 Easy Steps To Add CAPTCHA In WordPress Login Page

    The login screen that is used for accessing a website or making a new registration is a major target of hacking attempts. In this post, we are discussing a simple method to add CAPTCHA in WordPress login page....

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  • Structure of Site Map in Redesigning Website

    State Services took its flight to the journey of Web Development & Digital Marketing in 2016 and has served several happy clients who derived full satisfaction with our work....

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  • Redesigning Your Site

    The ascent of online protection ruptures has driven web clients to pick and utilize websites more mindfully....

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  • Leading Edge Info Solutions has an in depth knowledge of the industry that focuses on growing your brand online. Our major focus is on delivering the customer services to lift up the success of the business....

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  • Adsture is a global IT solutions company established in 2016 at India’s hi-tech industry center Bangalore, proffering exemplary UI UX Design, Web Design, E-commerce, Digital Marketing Services, Branding & Advertising, Visual Designing, Animations....

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  • The design should include one important principle ‘Keep it simple and stupid or ‘Don't make me think’. If you are working with any specialized Ui Ux design studio than you should avoid these common mistakes....

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  • Do you want to optimize your site at an advanced level? Then check out here the top five technical SEO tips that will help you to boost the overall performance of your website....

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  • If you still think that it is too much of work and cannot be done by your own then you can always opt for the wordpress development agency. These are professional agencies where experts will guide you to create the best possible website for you....

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