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Wireless Charging has been adopted by many companies and the researchers are expecting a bright future of Wireless Charging System.

Li-Fi could be a revolutionary system in the near future, as it offers a secure and high-speed delivery of data.

The process of Artificial Photosynthesis can be very beneficial at the commercial purpose as well as the environment and weather of the earth.

The Artificial Photosynthesis System is becoming a new source of generating Renewable Energy.

Pencil Pusher is a device used to reuse the waste paper in the form of a pencil.

‘Ooho’ makes eating water possible and replacing the Plastic Bottle as well as reducing the plastic waste.

3D Printer is very beneficial for various industries, yet it is very costly for people to afford it.

The Ion Drive airplane is a good futuristic plan to save energy and fuels.

Voice Recognition Technology could be very helpful in future to speed up the working as well as for differently abled people too.

Augmented Reality Technology is an interactive medium based on real-time and having a good future scope in almost every field.

Wireless Charging is very useful for our daily life. As our life is becoming very fast and dependent on new technologies and Wireless Charging is becoming one of them.