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The drawbacks that remains is the lack of domain skills arising from small domestic and local markets, limited university research and related educational system, and low linkages in between university and commerce.

The workstation introduced in the mid-1980s, had sophisticated graphics and the computational capabilities required by small enterprises.

India’s software development and IT industry is one of the world’s biggest and successful information technology industries.

Consider the example of the ball game described in here section. A player may be given the choice to select the colour of the balls. This colour choice will be applied to all the balls he creates during the game.

When a class inherits from a single class, as in the case of BankAccount inheriting from Asset, it is called single-level inheritance or simply single inheritance.

NoSQL database stores are initially considering the notion “Just Say No to SQL” and these were the reactions to the perceived limitations of (SQL-based) relational databases RDBMS.

Ethics is discipline dealing with what is good & what is bad,& also with moral duty &obligation. And science as we understand is the pursuit of an insight into the working of nature through reason, observation& experience

When we are choosing storage options, consider the impact of using commodity drives rather than more expensive enterprise-quality drives.

Outline is the production of an arrangement or tradition for the development of an item or a framework (as in structural plans, building drawings, business forms, circuit charts and sewing patterns).


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