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In this article I have described how to used TODAY function in Excel Sheet. The TODAY function is useful when you need to have the current date displayed on a worksheet, regardless of when you open the workbook....

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Sum Function in Excel

This article I have explain how to used sum function, when working with excel. For example calculate student mark, product total price or total quantity. Sum formula used with many condition that described one by one below with example....

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Pivot Table in Excel

In this article I’m going to described, how to used Pivot table for displaying record in query based. In another works we can filter and display data according our requirement. Suppose you've a large list of data in excel sheet...

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Merge Cells in Excel

This article explain how to merge cells in excel. Using this feature we make our document more stylish and well format. You can merge two or more neighboring cells into one cell and display the contents of one cell in the merged cell....

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How to do percentages in Excel

In this article I have described to calculate percentages between different cell values. For example compute a sales tax, or determine a percent change in sales between two fiscal quarters etc. There are several ways to calculate percentages....

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