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  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Cybersecurity

    Most people who run small businesses assume that they can never get hacked because of the size of their businesses. However, this is not the case because small businesses are the ones that appeal to hackers more compared to the big ones....

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  • Using Risk Management to Strengthen Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated as technology evolves. The adoption of new techniques by the cybercriminals has made it necessary for organizations to monitor their risk management systems continually....

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  • The scams that phishers use to fool individuals into handing over their sensitive information have increased in complexity in recent years. In response, many organizations have been set up, both by governmental organizations and private individuals,...

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  • 5G is now a modern reality rather than a futuristic concept. Earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, most of the network operators publicized the new era of intelligent connectivity. According to a new research, in just five years’ time, 5G user...

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  • A data breach occurs when hackers and people with malicious intent gain access to sensitive client and employee information. Since it is quite dangerous, you should learn how to protect your data and prevent data breach....

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  • 4 Online Security Threats Your Business Might Face

    In this day and age, a majority of businesses rely, in one way or another, on security of their computer networks. They don’t have to be in any way related to the IT industry or even finance or banking....

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  • Malware, ransom-ware and spyware and its effects

    These three cyber-attacks are the most common and you would have been hearing about these for a long period of time. Malware ransomware and spyware, each of these attacks have a different aim which destroys and de-functions our systems....

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