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Software learning Trends In 2017

The continuous updating of the software development industry keeps its constant march forward. In 2016, new releases of popular languages, frameworks and tools give us more power and a change in the way of our work.

By Ailsa Singh posted   7 days ago

Why to migrate to Microsoft OFFICE 365?

Microsoft provides numerous tools that most of the web conferencing services use as an additive with their own products, so it's obvious for the company to have its own virtual meeting tool that directly employ its product line.

By Simond Gear posted   11 days ago

Why Move To The Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. As in the past, people were able to run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing provides access to people the same kinds

By Ailsa Singh posted   24 days ago

Understanding of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing alludes to a processing domain living behind a firewall that conveys programming, base and stage administrations to an endeavour. Distributed computing likewise normally conveys Web services, giving access to segments.

By MYQSOFT Infotech posted   10 months ago


Technology has advanced and so has the way of utilizing it. Whatever we use these days whether it is Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etc. cannot work without the concept of cloud computing. The apps that are downloaded on Smartphone or tablet is done

By Royce Roy posted   10 months ago


According to wildebeest task instigator Richard Stallman has described distributed computing as raising cost and data proprietorship issues. Prophet author Larry Ralph Waldo Ellison saw the pattern to "distributed computing" regarding "design driven

By Elena Glibart posted   10 months ago

SFDC Reports: Analyze Data with Reports

Hi Everyone, here we learn how to create reports in SFDC

SFDC: Add App Logic-Automate a field update using workflow

Hi Everyone, here we learn some advance point -click development using work flow rules in SFDC

SFDC: Enable Social Collaboration

Hi Everyone, here we learn how to enable chatter feeds and use them for notifications in salesforce

SFDC: Customize a Layout for Mobile Access

Hi Everyone, here we see how to customize the Layout for mobile access

SFDC: Modify a Page Layout

Hi Everyone, here we learn how to modify the page layout of the records in Salesforce

SFDC: Create customized views of data

Hi Everyone, here we learn how to create customized Listviews of data in salesforce custom objects tabs

SFDC: Load Data using the custom object import wizard

Hi Everyone, here we see how to load data using the custom object import wizard in salesforce

SFDC: Relate Objects

Hi Everyone, here we learn how to relate objects in salesforce. We will also learn about look-up and Master -detail relationships

SFDC: Creating a New Object

Hi Everyone, here we are going to see how to create a new object in our salesforce app

SFDC: Add field to an Object

Hi Everyone, here we will add fields to our custom objects in SFDC

SFDC: Create an App and Database

Hi Everyone, we are going to create our first app with Salesforce platform here.

Cloud computing: Services and Models

Hi everyone, I am explaining about Services and models involved in cloud computing here.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Hi everyone, I am introducing the concepts of Cloud Computing here

Introduction of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing simply means Internet computing.

DML and DQL using Table Service in Windows Azure

In this article, I am going to explain how we can perform insert, update, delete and select operation on AZURE table.

Create Log Event in Windows Azure

In this article I am going to explain how create event log in windows azure application. In the production deployment, sometimes we need to trace the inner working of our application. In ASP.Net and windows form application we can trace the information into a file.

Insert, Update, Delete in Windows Azure Application

In this article I am going to explain how to perform insert, update, delete and select data using ADO.NET Entity Framework in a Windows Azure application.

Create Queue Service in Windows Azure

Queue Service is a windows azure storage type where we can store data on basis of queue concept i.e. first in first out. It will display those message first which was processed earlier.

Create Blob Service in Windows Azure

Blob service is a storage area of windows azure where we can store our text and binary data.

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