TUC – The Unit Converter: The Only App which can Save and Share Conversions with Notes

TUC – The Unit Converter: The Only App which can Save and Share Conversions with Notes

April 28, 2015 – Turning to the internet or apps for unit conversions has become commonplace since the rise of the internet and smartphone. But once the conversion results are given, what can users do with that data? Either they have to memorize it, write it down or just use it, one at a time. There is no help available to put the conversion data to real use.   

Worry not, as the expert developers over at MindStick have created an unparalleled mobile solution: TUC – The Unit Converter. A highly customizable multi-unit convertor like no other on the market, the TUC smartphone and tablet boasts 18,000+ built-in conversions, a functional calculator and, most impressively, allows to save the results for future use, add searchable notes and even share them with friends, family and colleagues via SMS or Email– a first in the conversion app world.   

Oozing innovation, ground-breaking tech and unrivalled functionality, TUC – The Unit Converter enables regular as well as specialized users like tradesmen, students, engineers, bakers, chefs and businesses around the globe to use one application for all their conversion needs. No matter what conversion is required – mass, length, area, volume, time, temperature and more – nothing is too tough for TUC with its 59 built-in conversion groups and a colossal 865+ units for seamless calculations without the need for longwinded, manual actions.   

What’s more, TUC – The Unit Converter lets users around the globe create custom units and groups in their own language with desired decimal accuracy and share it with their project members. Users can add favourites, use conversion results in built-in functional calculator, customize visible options for faster usage and even shortlist conversions out of their historic conversions for quick references. All these features of TUC – The Unit Converter provide the most ingenious, most resourceful conversion experience on the market.   

TUC – The Unit Converter is available on the Google Play store now at the outrageously low price of $0.99 and is compatible with all devices running Android 4.0 and up.

Download TUC for your device now and never worry about a conversion again! 

Notes to Editors 

TUC - The Unit Converter was created by Mindstick Software. For more information contact uttammisra@mindstick.com or visit http://www.mindstick.com/ 

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