Now for the first time Save and Share conversions with TUC - The Unit Converter

Now for the first time Save and Share conversions with TUC - The Unit Converter

April 28, 2015 - Smartphone are the essential handy tool of this decade. They are always available to help tradesmen, businesspeople or students work out any unit conversions or formulas. Most available unit conversion apps or Google will help to convert units but then the ball is dropped.

Conversion of that data is done for a practical purpose. In most of the cases the purpose is not instant and may be data needs to be saved with notes for future use, or shared with others or used in a formula. Currently all that is done manually by either taking notes on paper or by saving converted data in other notes apps via manual copy and paste. All that is going to change now.

Enter TUC - The Unit Converter, the always available, multi-unit converter that not only provides over 18,000+ conversions but keeps track of your data and calculations too and eliminates all manual actions needed to use or share that data. TUC revolutionizes and energizes the humble unit converter arena bringing with it a freshness and innovation. TUC helps users focus on their work rather than juggling with many other applications, remembering data, trying to perform manual calculations and notes taking.

Whether you need to calculate units of mass, length, area, volume, time, temperature or more, TUC has you covered with 59 ready-made conversion groups and over 865 units as well as being able to save converted data and take searchable notes for their own reference. TUC also lets the user create their own custom units or groups, rounding options and the ability to share data via SMS or email.

TUC is available to download now for the bargain price of only 99 cents from the Apple iTunes Store. It will function on any iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running iOS 6.0. TUC is also optimized to run on any iPhone 5 or later.

Download TUC for your device now and never miss a conversion again!

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