MindStick Software introduced a new platform to share Your Views on "YourViews" portal

We all are living in this Digital Era and are completely dependent over it to get our solutions or to share our views and queries and get a reach to masses. With this wide reach to any part of the world we are willing to share our opinions and get a problems solution in just a click of the mouse. It makes very easy to question others but won’t allow to share YourViews of personal felling to other peoples.

So, here we are ‘MindStick Software Pvt. Ltd.’ based in Prayagraj, U.P., India has proudly launched the “YourViews” section into its “mindstick.com” to facilitate all its users and readers to share/post their views on any concerned topic and get Likes, Dislikes, Solution and Comment as well on the respective YourViews Post.

The company is providing its world-class services to more than 45 clients all over the world, since its establishment in 2010. It is a Microsoft ISV Gold Partner in software application development that expertise is in software product design, custom programming, database design, web design and programming and cutting-edge mobile applications development.

Mr. Uttam Mishra, the CEO of MindStick Softwares has talked on the launch of the Portal, “Our team has worked hard on this project. After a rigorous Testing we come up to present this “YourViews” section in front of you all. This YourViews portal will definitely help many to share their views and feelings regarding anything.

The best thing in this YourViews Portal is that you are not bound in type of category to share YourViews. Everyone can share his/her view on any problem or scenario and can add the category by his/her self as per their view/opinion requires, like; Women Empowerment, Social Media, Print/Tele Media, Politics etc.

MindStick Softwares have always been known for its innovative and new ideas, and YourViews will surely prove by going a long way in this path.