For centuries, the blue sapphire gemstone has captured the fascination of the humankind with its surreal beauty and enchantment.


CompTIA is a non-profit association which is known for creating a series of vendor-neutral certifications for IT professionals.

Project management is a key action in information technology companies. This important step depends on the success of a new software or a system built for an organization.

The concept reseller as per the dictionary indicates reselling the service to end user. With this service, you can become an authorized dealer and can include the profit on the sale.

We all look and the sparkling water of the river and imagined from where it gets its spark and glitter. It gets its beauty from its flow.


To register a trademark in India, One must apply to the registration division of the various condition to commence the process. The whole process takes approximately a year meanwhile the program undergoes several stages of assessment.

Finals are always bad news – even if you’ve managed to successfully deal with your studies for the duration of a term, when it comes to finals one has to go all-out to achieve the desired results.

Finding the perfect dress for your prom is so difficult. There are so many different styles, colors, and materials to choose from.


Fanatics who use to raise notions about Artificial Intelligence, its existence, and its future have been forced to change up their mind by the ever-expanding technology of AI.


CBSE Class 12 board exams are considered as the turning point of every student’s life, and it also plays an important role in selecting the student’s career.

Have you just created a brand new website? Well you're in luck because I'm going to be telling you exactly what you should be doing.

The past few decades have experienced fast growth in the IT field. The reason behind the rapid growth is because of the advent of new technologies in the IT field.

Amazon has now become a trillion-dollar company and is growing huge. Once started as a bookstore, is now making billions every year.

The software industry is versatile and is constantly changing with time. Moreover, the challenges posed by digital transformation requires constant up gradation of skill sets.

Echnologically advanced world desires to have a website. When an web user presses on the keywords, Ecommerce Company listings business firms desire to be displayed on the first pages of the search engines.

A safe shelter for tigers and plenty of different living species, Ranthambore park is amongst the most effective national parks in India.

Goa, the former Portuguese colony, is the most prominent part of beach tours in India. Sun-kissed beaches, an amazing variety of water sports, top-notch hospitality, and sumptuous cuisine have made it a sought-after holiday destination


Rajasthan is very rich state in terms of culture, heritage and history. I belong to Ajmer city and visited most of the parts of Rajasthan in last few years. Let’s start with my home town.