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The future of transportation can be very revolutionary with the driverless car, trucks, vans, etc.

Flexible Electronic Display is increasingly being used in a number of application which has various benefits.

The Sustainable Communities are becoming a solution to the challenges of Climate change.

Genomic Vaccine is a technique to protect against disease by injecting with genetically engineered DNA.

The Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept Car can be grown in a laboratory.

Brain Pacemaker is a Wireless Device which stimulates the brain with electrical current.

Liquid Biopsy is a new revolution in the field of Cancer treatment, but right now the research is in the initial phase.

Bio-plastic is recyclable in nature and reduces the emission of pollution with it.

The Artificial Skin for the robot which gives a real sense of touch and a decision making the ability to the robot.

Oral Chemotherapy is very and painless technique for the cancer patients. It is a bit costly but is very effective as well.

The Wireless Capsule Endoscopy is a very easy and efficient way to explore the internal organs and diagnose the problem easily where normal endoscopy is not possible.

The demand for Electric Vehicle rise in India could be a good step towards minimizing the level of pollution and saving fuel for future needs.

The unique product of its type is quite fascinating to see a sunglass with the facility of the speaker, microphone and multi-function button.

The trusted brands are getting a good competition from their lookalike brands. The satisfaction level of customers is getting affected due to these types of activities.


AI is becoming a good source of learning and contributes very well in teaching and learning process of students according to their requirement.