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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting the Web Hosting Industry

Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries both on and offline. One that has seen significant change is web hosting. AI is improving the website experience for businesses around the world.

Virtual Reality App Development And The Opportunity It Presents For Your Business

As mobile technology continues to break new boundaries and set new records on a daily basis, Virtual Reality is fast becoming a reality. For many industries and business including health, Hospitality, Education, Transportation, Manufacturing, etc.

How To Turn Your Organization Into Making Data-Driven Decisions

Most organizations are now realizing the power of data and analytics. In the past decade, a few pioneering organizations have demonstrated how making strategic decisions based on data-derived facts can push businesses and innovation forward.

Why Automated Testing for The Internet of Things is Crucial

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already upon us. Isn’t it? Every object you see around yourself — whether it’s your microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator, car and even your electric toothbrush is geared up to acquire a form of sentience.


Android programming improvement' is the procedure by which new applications are made for the Android working framework. Applications are typically created in Java programming dialect utilizing the Android programming advancement unit (SDK)...

Android O: New and best features in Google’s latest OS update

Android O brings a number of performance improvements and new features in its second developer preview. While many of these may just be small tweaks, collectively, they’ll make Android a lot more pleasant to use on the whole.


Link building can briefly be explained as the possession of back links from external websites to your own website or webpage. It is one of the proven as well as equally challenging SEO skill to have.


Link building can briefly be explained as the possession of back links from external websites to your own website or webpage. It is one of the proven as well as equally challenging SEO skill to have.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post?

With an increase in the numbers of businesses online, it is hard to scale up your organization’s social media presence across various networks. Different social media networks require different strategies and accordingly different posts.

Important features of ExtJs

Toolbar:- Toolbar is very important feature that’s enable user to operate multiple operation at a single line. Many UI associated with them.


Passing multiple dropdown list values from view to controller and saving into database.

For doing this task we use data first approach entity framework. In this first we create database and then generate model on basis of database..


Increase your website traffic with search engine optimization (SEO)

An important role of SEO is developing your website easy for user’s point of view and search engine point of view to understand. SEO helps the search engines identify what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users.


Important tips for social media optimization

Social Media Optimization is play an important role in your internet search rankings or website traffic. It can help increase your position within the search rankings.


Exceptional Handling in c#

Exceptional handling in c# is used when there is any chance of dynamic error occurs while executing the program.


Concept of Class in C#

This blog is to provide some basic knowledge about the class and it is also helpful to provide clear answer for the doubts related to c#.



Distributed computing Services give data innovation (IT) as an administration over the Internet or committed system, with conveyance on interest, and installment in view of utilization.


Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is a little programming firm situated in Delhi that has fabricated an endeavor asset arranging (ERP) programming bundle, MakESS, focused at little firms. Contending ERP items from global industry majors, for example, SA

Future Innovations in Indian IT Industry

Despite of its rapid growth in a very quick succession, the IT industry in India has attracted its fair share of criticism too. This is primarily levelled against the industry's excessive political influence - as articulated through its most signific

Evolution of Mobile App Economy in India

India is a very good source of gigantic demand for apps. Even though smartphone penetration is estimated at just 15 percent of total mobile users, India experiences more than 100 million downloads per month placing it amongst the top three regions fo

Origins of Mobile App Economy

Origins of the ‘Indian app economy’ can be traced down back to the launch of the iPhone in year 2007 followed by the App Store in year 2008. Since then, the international market for apps has been rapidly growing at unprecedented rates. Analysts estimate app downloads have increased from $ 31.2 billion in 2012 to $ 106.5 billion in 2014. This number is expected to rise up to $ 415 billion by 2018.

Loop in JavaScript

The loop initialization is the first part where we initialize our counter to a starting value. The initialization is executed before the loop begins.

JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript is an easy-to-use programming language of HTML and the web. This language increases the dynamic and interactive features of web page by allowing you to check forms, perform calculation, add special effects, create security passwords, writes interactive games, customized graphics selection and many more.

Annotations in Java: Why we use Annotations?

One of the major goals of any IDE such as NetBeans or Eclipse is to enhance ease of development. The IDE generally provides the boilerplate code for many types of applications so that the developer can focus on the core functionality of the applicati


Autoboxing and Wrapper Classes in Java

J2SE 5.0 introduced a new feature called autoboxing and unboxing that automatically converts between the primitive data types and their wrapper classes. To understand this feature and appreciate its importance, we need to understand the previously us


Interfaces in Java: Syntax with Example code

An interface uses syntax similar to that of a class declaration. The format of the interface syntax is shown here:


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