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Big Data Can Help Us Evolve to the Internet of People

Right now the biggest craze in tech is from big data and its role in helping the Internet of Things (IoT). However, many have said with more smart devices is consumerism on steroids.

What is Normalization In Database?

The structuring of Database is normalization, Normalization is the process of restructuring tables to eliminate design problems. This process removes redundant data, makes it possible to access data more easily.

IT Companies of India are changing its recruitment strategy!!!

Recently Pune-based Persistent Systems choose to move away from traditional practices to a relatively new idea by hiring several freelancers and consultants in a team for a short-term project, that's steadily gaining popularity in the global....

Access specifier and modifier in java

Program which contains private specifier for specific function or class or datatype, it can be accessible only for that class or function. It is not accessible by other class or assemblies.


PHP String Function

Here we will look on some of the function of strings:

PHP  String 

File Upload in PHP

$_FILES is a superglobal variable in PHP. It consists of 5 variable:

PHP  File  Upload 

File Handling in PHP

fopen() function is used to open a file, but in PHP same function is used to create a file. If you use fopen() on a file that does not exists, it will create that file. It has two parameter

PHP  File  Handler 

What is a cookie?

A Cookie is a text file that the server embeds on the user’s computer. A cookie is used to identify a user.

PHP  Cookies 

Sorting of an array in PHP

In PHP there are some sorting function .These function are used to sort the array.

PHP  Array  Sorting 

Array in PHP

An array is a data structure that store multiple values in single variable. In PHP to create an array, array() function is used.


Rapid Expansion of IT sector in India

The economic effect of the Innovative and technologically inclined services sector in India—accounting for 45% of the country's GDP and 35% of export earnings as of 2007, while employing only 30% of its workforce—is summarized as here:

Behaviour of Potential Domestic Software Clients in India

Software Organizations looking for software services realize that India has a massive number of technically talented skilled professionals available at a very lower cost.

Patterns of Success in the Indian Software Industry

While policy reform has put in room for many of the conditions for future growth, the lack of domain expertise skills originating from small domestic and local markets, limited university research and interactions with the commercial sector remains.

Education System and Software Development in India

There were 251 universities and 11,553 colleges in India in 1998. Still, as of 1996, only 8% of the eligible population attended any college or university. Further, the interaction between university and the IT industry is minimal.

Java I/O: Input and Output Streams

One of the important set of classes comprised in Java API is the package. This is one of the core packages of the Java language and was a part of JDK 1.0.


Java I/O: The PushbackInputStream Class (Print Calculator Utility)

The PushbackInputStream class comes under the category of FilterInputStream classes.

Java I/O: Live Data Application

We will now discuss the LiveData program mentioned earlier to illustrate the use of these classes. But before that lets see the case of NYSE and NASDAQ once again from previous post:

Java I/O: The Byte-Oriented Stream Classes

In the previous posts, we got an introduction to byte-oriented stream classes, where we used the

Java I/O: Reading/Writing Objects -Serialization

The Java I/O library provides classes that allow us to read or write a user-defined object from or to a stream. The two classes:

Java I/O: Accessing the Host File System

Here we discuss another important class in the I/O package. The class provides an abstract representation of a file or directory on the host file system.


Java I/O: File Concatenation

The File Concatenation program, as the name suggests, concatenates the contents of a given number of files. We specify the files on the command line as a variable argument list.

Java I/O: The Line Count Program

The Line Count program counts the number of lines in the specified text file. Java provides a class called LineNumberReader for this purpose. The LineNumberReader class wraps the BufferedReader class, which in turn wraps the Reader class.

Exception Handling in Java: Basic Concepts

Looking at Murphy’s Law, “If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway,” we know that we should always prepare ourself for the worst-case scenario.

Exception Handling in Java: try-catch statements

We can easily catch and handle errors in our programs so that they do not terminate abnormally.

Creating a Copy Constructor

One more benefit of constructor overloading is the ability to create a copy constructor, which allows us to create an object copy from the values of another similar object.

Java  Class 


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