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Simple steps to bring your living space up to date

These are five technologies that are trending in 2019 and have the potential to change our lives in the future.

Passive income is an awesome way to earn money for a vacation, a bigger home, or retirement

There are many reasons businesses are making the switch to solar.

These simple steps will make you home more modern, efficient, and sustainable.

Software is fundamentally changing the ways we do business.

Technology adds convenience and clear advantages that many businesses acquire everyday.. Keeping up with the latest technology will greatly impact the success of your company.

Smart Speakers have grown beyond playing music or setting reminders. Some people are using them to accomplish their Holiday Shopping.

Even entry level jobs are difficult for teens and youth with a rough past to land. This article gives some guidance into how to build a resume.


Technology is developing faster than ever, which means we are always being presented with new options for how to live, manage and enjoy various aspects of our lives. Some people shy away from technology, but it can’t be denied that it makes our lives

We are in the communication age. If you cannot communicate, you may not make it far or be taken seriously. Writing skills are able to amplify or accentuates the skills we already have. In the worlds of business and technology, writing is still critic


A quality education can be difficult to obtain these days but there is another option that could hone your career skills and help you find a great job. Continuing your education past college is a great pursuit and this will present great tools.