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The Impact of Big Data on Social Media

Everything we do can be tracked online from making a purchase viewing products. This is because social media plays a major role in this action. Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram record millions of chat streams, likes, and tweets...

Working of E-mail with how SMTP is used in E-mail application

This article introduce, how email application with SMTP.

Basics of Software Testing

We heartily praise you to go through the following elemental articles if you are just starting the adventure into the world of software testing.

Difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData

ViewData, TempData and ViewBag are a way to pass data from controller to view and also in the next subsequent request, it’s provided by ASP.NET MVC framework.

MVC Routing

Routing is way that eliminates needs of mapping each and every URL with a physical file.

Scientific Calculator layout code in Sencha ExtJs

This article introduce new designing way for those guy who interested to developed attractive responsive design in ExtJs


Crud Operation in Border Layout on Grid

In this UI we use border layout and inject User form in main view in the center. And in the bottom we use a Grid that shows record of the database.


Crud Operation in ExtJs

Create tab view with user form and grid view. Grid can be call on trigger click and when we click twice on row data of grid then its set on user form textfields. In user form there is three buttons save,delete and update, that’s perform operations.


Introduction of Multi-threading, Multitasking and Life-cycle of a thread

In this article we can define Multi-threading,Multitasking and Life-cycle of a thread.Multi-threaded programming is a way to achieve multitasking. In this case more than one method of the running program can be executed at a time.


Design of Card view with tab in Sencha ExtJs

This article helps that how we create a card view with tab and access multiple forms,grids or tabular data form(as our requirement),with single click on the tab of the card view.


Introduction of Exception handling

We can define Exception handling in this article and also describe important features of Exception handing.


Introduction of Inheritance

In this article we can describe Inheritance and its type. Initially we can defined inheritance and after that types of inheritance


Introduction of Constructor

In this article we can describe Constructor and its type


Use of Static and Non-static modifiers with method and variable

In this article we can define use of static and non-static modifiers with method and variable


Introduction of object,class and object orientation

This article introduce basics information about Object,Class and Object orientation


ExtJs Components with Syntax

In 'ExtJs Components with its Syntax' article we can define all ExtJs component with syntax.


Use of database in Sencha ExtJs and insert record from user form using ajax

In this article we can defined how to connect database and insert record from user interface(User Form)


Use of grid view in a single html page in sencha ExtJs

In the way of developing we firstly define model .In model we defined properties of components likes grid, that’s we use for view.



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