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How to Secure Devices in the IoT Cloud Environment?

Imagine walking into your home and suddenly becoming aware of an unknown presence. Only it’s not someone hiding in the closet and it’s not someone lurking just out of sight around the corner.

Behavioral Advertising: Find out who clicks on your Ads!

The term Behavioral Advertising and Predictive Advertising has been making the rounds for quite a while. However, not everyone is clear about how minuscule pieces of information come together to form a pattern.

The Future of Work - Without the Hype

There is an overwhelming sense of the uncanny when it comes to the prospect of Artificial Intelligence taking our jobs. But, dystopian hype aside, the future of work is something that needs to be given real thought and consideration...

How Big Data Improves Efficiency in Startup Companies

Startup companies are often described as small enterprises that compete with the large players in the economy. As they compete with large corporations for their market share, startups should consider the needed traction big data analytics...

Google Updates Its Search and Maps for Art Lovers

Google recently announced the latest updates in its Search and Maps to enhance the art search experience, in a bid to inspire art enthusiasts to brush up their knowledge.

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What is repository pattern?

Basically, a repository fundamentally works as a mediator between data access layer and business logic layer of the application.

The Best CMS Brands for Small Businesses

Owners of every small businesses today are trying to establish their business online and for this they will need the use of a CMS program, regardless of whether it is open source or not.

Microsoft announces new OneNote update, intros a major redesign across all platforms

Microsoft has announced a new update for its note-taking app OneNote, recently. The update is expected to redesign the app on every platform it is available on. OneNote has seen several notable updates in the past including support for YouTube.....

Google intimates developers to update their apps to support 18:9 aspect ratio

With the introduction of variety of new smart phones in the market, not with the innovative functionalities, but with the sizes too. The screen of the phones also appears to be moving towards a new aspect ratio.

Repository Pattern in MVC

Repository act as a middle man between the rest of the application and the data access logic. A repository isolates all the data access code from the rest of the application.

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The Indian software development industry has been a success since its inception (in 1970’s) due to following reasons:

Why few Mobile Apps fail? : Role of the Developer

Most of the time mobile developer is considered responsible for the failures. Mobile App Developers must take enough care while implementing a mobile application.

Unified Modeling Language

The Unified Modeling language was developed by Object Management Group in 1997. UML is a language for business analyst, Software architects and it is also used by the developers for describing, specifying, documenting, etc.

Directory Handling in PHP

In this section we will learn how to handle directories or folder. Following are the topics which we will discuss in this section:


Annotations in Java: Documented and Inherited Annotation

The Documented annotation indicates that an annotation with this type should be documented by the Javadoc tool.


Annotations in Java: Annotations at Runtime

In the previous posts we learn the use of @Target and @Retention annotation. Now we understand this with the help of an example illustrated here.


Annotations in Java: @Target and @Retention

But, in this post we learn how to annotate an annotation using few more annotation specifically meant for this purpose.


Annotations in Java: Declaring Annotations (Part-2)

In previous post, we have seen how to declare marker and single value annotations. So, let’s continue the same example and learn how to declare multi value annotations and set default values.


Annotations in Java: Declaring Annotations (Part-1)

Having seen the built-in simple annotations in the previous posts, it is time now to create our own annotations. Why would we create our own annotations?


Annotations in Java: @Override and @SuppressWarning

In the previous posts, we have learnt what annotations are and why we use these annotations in java program codes. We have learnt the use and demonstration of @Deprecated annotation.


Annotations in Java: @Deprecated

The Java API over the years has deprecated quite a few classes and methods. This means new methods and classes have been added that provide a better way to achieve the same task;


Interfaces in Java: Extending Interfaces

It is possible to extend an existing interface. The purpose behind doing so is to add more declarations, both constants and methods, to an existing interface.


The Digital Revolution, called the Third inventive change, is that the modification from basic, mechanical, and electronic development to automated advancement that began wherever from the late Fifties to the late Seventies with the appointment.


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