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Create 3-D cube in WPF

In this demonstration I am trying to create 3-D cube in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and this 3-D cube will be rotate on its axis as shown below.


ADO.NET Entity Data Model in WPF

The ADO.NET Entity Framework enables developers to create data access applications by programming against a conceptual application model instead of programming directly against a relational storage schema.


Example of SpeechSynthesizer class in WPF

In WPF Microsoft provide a new API that allows developers to build speech enabled applications. Speech synthesis is a feature that generates spoken audio based on text you supply.


Introduction to JQuery

IJQuery is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML.


JQuery callback method

In JQuery callback function will execute when animation effect has finished.


JQuery animate method

With the help of animate () method we can create animation effects on html page .In this article I am using animate method to give animation effect on image.


JQuery show method

In JQuery show () method is very attractive method. By using this method we can show element on page. In this article I am trying to give example which demonstrate how we can implement show () method in page.


JQuery size method

JQuery size () method is used to count DOM element’s by specifying matched elements.


JQuery odd selector

When we want to display large chunks of data in a single page then we can use JQuery odd Selector.


JQuery fadeTo method

In JQuery fadeTo () method used to fade element on page. In this article I am trying to show you, how we can implement fadeTo method on the page.


JQuery Event function

JQuery Event handlers are method that is called whenever any event is generated or raised in HTML control. For example if I will click on the button then event will raise and all label element will hide from page.


JQuery Element Selector

JQuery selector is used to select HTML element by element name or attribute. JQuery selectors and attribute selectors are some of the best features.


JQuery css method

In jQuery css () method is very useful. By using this method we can change style of elements. In this article I am trying to show you, how we can apply css method on web page.


JQuery blur method

In JQuery blur method trigger blur event when element will lose their focus. In this article I am using blur () method on html page.


JQuery get method

JQuery get () method is use to get DOM element by selector. In this article I am trying to show you, how we can use get () method on page.


JQuery each method

The $.each () function can be used to iterate over any element collection. This function runs on the matched element. The each () method specifies a function to run for each matched element.


JQuery noConflict method

In JQuery generally ($) dollar sign is an indication of using JQuery function but jQuery give us functionality to rename ($) dollar sign instead of other user define variable name.


jQuery ajaxComplete method

JQuery ajaxSuccess method () will execute when Ajax request has completed. JQuery has full suite capabilities with Ajax. JQuery function give us functionality to read data from server without refreshing the page.


jQuery removeAttr () method

In JQuery removeAtrr () method is used to remove attributes from each matched elements. By using this method we can create some custom attribute and remove attributes in element .


Table-Valued Functions in SQL Server

A table-valued function is a user define function can be used where views or table expression are allowed in T-SQL.User define function contain additional feature while views limited with single select statement. Table- valued function return the out

Transaction in SQL Server

In SQL Server we can implement transaction to ensure data integrity.

How to Register Assembly in GAC?



Trigger in SQL Server

A Trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that is invoked whenever data in the underlying table is affected by any of the Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements -INSERT, UPDATE OR DELETE or Data Definition Language (DDL).

Stored Procedure in SQL Server

A Stored Procedure is a precompiled object stored in the database.

Session in ASP.Net

We know HTTP is stateless protocol; this protocol cannot store user information on page because Web server treats each HTTP request for a page as an independent request. The server retains no knowledge of variable values.


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