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Overloading and overriding in PHP

Overloading and overriding method is very useful feature of any object oriented programming language. In this section we will discuss how to implement method overloading and overriding in PHP.


Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is the one of the most important concept in object oriented programming. Inheritance is used to share properties and method between the related classes.


Visibility in PHP

In this article we will focus how to deal with Visibility in PHP. Visibility is a big part in OOP. The concept of visibility is the scope of class members.


Magic method in PHP

The magic methods are one with special names which are executed in response to some events.


Class and Object in PHP

Object and class are key part of object oriented programming in PHP. Let’s understand what are classes and objects.

PHP  Class 

Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming uses different set of programming language as compared to older procedural programming language(like Pascal, C, etc).


Machine Learning with Mahout and Collaborative Filtering

Machine learning refers to a feild of artificial intelligence (A.I.) functions that provides tools enabling computers to enhance their analysis on the basis of previous events.


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