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In this article I have described how to play video or embedded player in your web application. For playing video, player’s plugin are required.

Restart Computer Failed Error in SQL Server 2008

CSS Plus Sign ( )

In this article I have described how to establish connection string in your application. Establishing a connection to an Access database in Visual Basic, C# and Java are given below.

Greater than sign used for apply CSS on HTML element in optimized way.

In this article I have described you how to embedded YouTube Video in your web application. YouTube provided line of code of video, just copy and paste in your application.

In this article I’m trying to explain, how to get browser name and its version (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari) using JavaScript. This might be useful for web development.

Microsoft.Web.Helpers package contains web helpers to easily add functionality to your site such as Captcha validation, Twitter profile and search boxes, Gravatars, Video, Bing search, site analytics or themes.

In this blog I have described how to render partial view using Ajax method within any control. Ajax provides flexibility to render page without post back. Steps are given below

In this article, I have described how to set passwords in database using the simple encrypt feature. Password protected database is prevent to miss used. Steps are given below

In this article I have described you how to move your data from Excel to Access and convert your data to relational tables.

This article shows you how to filter records in an Access database. When you are working with data in an Access database, you may not want to view all of the data at once. Instead, you may want to view only those records that meet a certain criteria.

In this article I have explain how to add validation rules in an Access table. Using validation rules, you can check what users can enter in a given field. Validation rules prevent bad data being saved in your table.

Set Primary key in Access table

Forms in Access

Create Table in MS Access

VLOOKUP function in Excel


In this article I have described how to used TODAY function in Excel Sheet. The TODAY function is useful when you need to have the current date displayed on a worksheet, regardless of when you open the workbook.


RANK function in Excel


PMT function in Excel


Pie chart (or graph) in Excel


NOW Function in Excel


In this article I have described about the MID and MIDB function in Microsoft Excel.


Line Graph in Excel


Remove characters from text in Excel