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Java Reflection facilitate us to inspect classes, interfaces, fields and methods at runtime, without knowing the name of the classes, methods etc. at compile time.

Hibernate architecture is layered to keep us isolated from having to know the underlying API’s. There are four layers in hibernate architecture.

ORM is acronym for Object Relational Mapping, it is a programming technique for converting data between relational database and object oriented programming languages like Java, C , and C#.

It is the hunt for industry wide best practices that leads to superior performance. It is a fairly straightforward knowledge management metric that represents a good starting point.

A good software developer must have a reading habit. He must be a good source code reader. At first place it seems a very boring task, most of us will not be interested in reading software source codes.

Design is the most fundamental foundation for any successful software development. This is the process of transforming user requirement into a simpler and understandable form that helps the coders in coding and implementing the software system.

In software development industry, project management plays a very crucial role, it is one of the vital elements for success.

Action mode allows the user to take actions on specific items in our user interface.

Android context menu appears when the user press long click on the element. It is also known as floating menu. Context Menu is a useful solution, particularly when we want to provide a list of actions based on an item click in a ListView.

In software development, this is a clearly known fact that to be highly productive we should expertise programming skills –language skills, having a good knowledge of algorithms analysis etc.

Experience is one of the important factor that affect the speed of software development in most cases. A developer with 15 years of experience will comparatively work faster and solve problem easily than a developer with 5 years of experience

A collection — sometimes called a container — is simply an object that groups multiple elements into a single unit. Collections are used to store, retrieve, manipulate, and communicate aggregate data.

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