In simple term, content is considered as the contribution or providing of information on any particular media.

An API is an interface used between the user and the server. There are two types of API’s used which offers a different mechanism for connecting and receiving data.

An API is an interface used between the user and the server. There are two types of API’s used which offers the different mechanism for connecting and receiving data.

If the profile of your enterprise revolves around the production and selling of high tech products, engineering processes stand at the base of your production system.

SQLite is a relational database which implements a self-contained, server-less, zero- configurational, transactional database engine.

Triggers in SQLite database are the database callback functions which are invoked or performed whenever a specified database event occurs.

A brief introduction to transaction and injections in SQLite.

Datatypes are an important aspect of any table created in the database.

Various differences between SQL and SQLite

While calculating the taxes, people should make sure to calculate the various exemptions they are eligible for.

Day by day we see and experience advancement in technology, everything is getting an upgrade and improvisation an enhancement and that too at very speedy pace

Diversification in technology has shown revolutionary changes in each and every stream. We are surrounded by gadgets, technology, techniques in each and every field we are opting to.

Every time someone asks me what I do, it is never really that easy to give a simple answer.

Today we are surrounded by so many payment options like online wallet, credit cards, debit cards, payment applications and many more things.

Virtual Reality has remained the talk of the town since it was invented as one of the most prominent technological trends among other similar trends.

So after the iconic release of so many mind blogging products google has come up with Google pay which is an online payment service application.

Every time Apple Corporation announce to launch the new device this corporation also introduces a new system on a chip too.

Bluetooth technology is again on the buzz after a long period, being one of the technologies which we started taking for granted is now back with the new version “Bluetooth 5” and it’s faster than ever before.

Coding convention or coding standards are the specific set of guidelines defined for a specific programming language.

Exception handling is a process by which an unwanted error can be captured with the help of various statements.

Naming convention is a set of rules which are used to define different identifiers such as constants, variables, functions, etc. in a programming language.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that is becoming more and more common. It can be used to refer to everything from smartphones to smart houses.

So a thought strike in my mind that I should cover up a blog on this amazing piece of technology and here I am.

How to best Celebrate the Birthday of Your Late Loved Ones


Google webmaster tool or Google search console is an imperative tool for solving different website relevant issues.



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