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  • All you can do with Amazon's Alexa

    Well, there are a number of things which you can perform by Alexa well you may be very familiar with some of the top virtual assistant such as Google ...

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  • Social media is key to developing a stronger relationship with customers and it therefore encourages them to engage with the brand in the future. With...

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  • Hey! Siri

    You may be very familiar with the features which respond and reacts according to your suggestion and instruction and Siri is the finest among them....

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  • The all new age of Quantum computing

    The idea of quantum computing is still very new. Experiments have been done. In these, a very small number of operations were done on qubits (quantum ...

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  • Android Basics

    Android is open source Linux based operating system which was developed by Google Inc. and Later, it was adopted by Open Handset Alliances ,led by go...

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  • How to buy bitcoins?

    An individual can purchase bitcoins from stock exchange market or from people directly who are owning bitcoins. But before making up your mind of purc...

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  • Link building is meant to expose your business to your target audience, customers and business partners. In this blog new trends in link building are ...

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