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Difference between char, varchar and nvarchar in sql server

char, varchar and nvarchar are SQL Server data type that used for allocated memory in storage device. But there is little difference between them which described below:

Table Relationships in Access

In this blog I have described use of relationships between tables in Access Database. The main objective to create relationships between tables, to remove data redundancy (duplicate data).

Remove Primary Key from Access Table

In this blog I have described how to remove primary key from table in Access. If you remove the primary key, from table then you not identify a record.

Calculate Age in ASP.Net C#

Some time we face problem related to calculating exact age in year. In this blog I have explained how to calculate exact age in year in ASP.Net with C#.

Database connectivity in C#

In this blog, I’m going to describe how to establish connection with database in C#. There are very easy steps, using that you can get data from your database. In C# for database connectivity, C# provides app.Config file.


How to Create Log File in C#

In this blog I have described how to create log file in C#. Log file can be simple text file, XML document or we can also use tables in database to create log. Here I have used .txt file.


Compress or Remove WhiteSpace before deploying in Asp.NET MVC

In a normal webpage there is a lot of whitespace. Compressed requests and responses always increase the performance of sites. Nowadays, almost all latest browsers support compression.

Custom Checkbox using CSS

In this blog, I have described how to create custom checkbox using css only or pure css. You can create webpage more attractive using this stylish checkbox.

Simple popup panel in HTML

In this blog, I have described how to create a simple popup window or display page as popup window. There are simple CSS file and JavaScript that used for open model popup. Steps are given below.

Trim method in SQL Server

SQL server does not have Trim method, but for trimming blank spaces (leading and trailing) from string we have used LTRIM and RTRIM method in SQL Server.

Count table size in SQL Server

This blog have to described, how to retrieve table size. Below line of code return all table’s size which associated with current database. Steps are given below

File download in zip Folder in ASP.NET MVC 4

In this blog have described how to download multiple files within a zip folder in ASP.NET MVC 4. This is also help full in C# and ASP.NET C#. Steps are given below.

Optimizing URL Generation in ASP.NET MVC

URL generation is particularly important for ASP.NET MVC because it uses a routing engine to map URLs to code. If we hard code a URL than we lose the ability to later vary our routing scheme.

New features in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft recently lunched SQL Server 2012. We are known, SQL Server 2012 is enhancing of SQL Server 2008, but we not aware, what are new features Microsoft include in SQL Server 2012.

Why Generics in C#

In this blog I not tell you “What is generic class in C#?” you can read about generic from below link. Here I tell you “Why Generic in C# !”. First see below code:


Use of Using Keyword in C#

We use “Using” keyword as directive in c#. “Using” keyword can be used for importing namespace to your classes.


ExecuteNonQuery, ExecuteReader and ExecuteScalar Methods in C#

This method is commonly used for update, insert and delete statements, where the only returned value is the number of record affected


Changed Data Type of column in SQL Server

In this blog I have described how to changed data type of existing column of table. For demonstration I have used a table that given below.

Use custom font in website

Some time we faced problem related to font family on the user’s system. Which font family we used for webpage during development time, not works another system. Basically problem is that, that font not install on client system.

Import multiple .css file into single file

Importing allows you to import one style sheet into another. This is slightly different than the link scenario, because you can import style sheets inside a linked style sheet.

@charset in CSS

It is a good idea to always declare the encoding of external CSS style sheets if you have any non-ASCII text in your CSS file. For example, you may have non-ASCII characters in font names, in values of the content property, in selector values, etc.

Drop Column in SQL Server

In this blog I have described how to drop column from existing table. For demonstration I have used a table that given below.

Add New Column in Table in SQL Server

In this blog I have described how to add new column in existing table. For demonstration I have used a table that given below.

Custom Checkbox in ASP.Net MVC 4 Razor

Here I have described how to create custom checkbox in ASP.Net MVC 4. This custom checkbox support all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari) with latest updates. Stapes are given below

JavaScript Errors & Exception Handling

In this article I am going to explain the types of errors and what feature JavaScript had provided us to handle errors.


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