Common Intermediate Language

CIL (Common Intermediate Language) is a bytecode and the language of the .NET platform into which compiled source code of high level language is written. Its operations are based on a stack and it is executed by a virtual machine.


Integration Testing

There are various levels of testing i.e. Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing


Delegate is type-safe object which can point to method or multiple methods (Multicasting) of application.


Connection String

When application connects to a database or a data file, ADO or ADO.Net utilize a provider to do the job. The connection string contains the information that the provider needs to know to be able to establish a connection to the database or the data f


Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle is also known as Classic Life Cycle Model or Linear Sequential Model.

Product Quality Measures for Testing

This article deals with the Product Quality Measures for testing

How to create Notify Icon in C Sharp

When we want to show icon of our application in System tray then we use notify Icon control from tool bar in our application.


How To Create MDI Form in CSharp.NET

To create MDI form we have to open a form then we have to set the property ‘IsMdiContainer’ of the form to ‘true’.


How To Create Login Form in CSharp .NET

First of all we have to design a table in database in order to store the user and password of the entire user who can log on to our application having at least two entities ‘username’ and ‘password’ , here my database name is ‘Employee’ and table nam


Date Validation in C Sharp .NET

Here I’m going to demonstrate how to validate date entered as string. All we have to do is to split the date string at’/’. The date provided should be in MM/DD/YYYY format.


Dataset in CSharp .NET

The ADO.NET DataSet contains DataTableCollection and their DataRelationCollection. It represents a collection of data retrieved from the Data Source. We can use Dataset in combination with DataAdapter Class.

Session state in ASP.Net

ASP.NET Session State enables us to store and retrieve user information as user navigates from one page to another.

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collector is a program, provided by .net; runs in background as a low priority thread and keep track of those objects that are no longer referred by any reference by making them a “dirty objects".


Extension Method

Extension method in C# provides a way to add our own method to class without inheriting it.


DLL Hell

DLL Hell refers to the set of problems caused when multiple applications attempt to share a common component like a dynamic link library (DLL) or a Component Object Model (COM) class.


Technical Terms Used in Testing

Following are a brief list of terms commonly used in testing.

SQL Injection Attacks

Many applications use some type of a database. An application under test might have a user interface that accepts user input that is used to perform the following tasks

Virtual Directory in IIS 7

A virtual directory is a directory name that you specify in IIS and map to a physical directory on a local or remote server.


Validation controls in ASP.Net

A Validation control is used to validate the data of an input control. If the data does not pass validation, it will display an error message to the user.

Global Assembly Cache

Global Assembly Cache is a machine-wide store used to hold assemblies that are intended to be shared by several applications on the machine. Each computer where the common language runtime (CLR) is installed has a global assembly cache. The global as


Garbage Collection in .net

The garbage collector in .Net takes care of bulk of the memory management responsibility, freeing up the developer to focus on core issues.


Join in SQL Server

JOIN is used whenever we have to select data from two or more tables. To be able to use JOIN to extract data from we need a relationship between certain columns in the tables.

TSL function

TSL stands for “Test Scripting Language”. The test scripts are written in Test Scripting Language in win runner.

Testing Metrics

Market is full of software testing metrics. Different companies are creating this demand. What is tool anyway and why is it in such demand? The reason behind this is the fact that we are now in the computer age

SaveFileDialog in CSharp .NET

Here I am going to demonstrate how to use SaveFileDialog in C#.Net.



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