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As you have noticed this quarter we are talking about trends and buzzwords so that you know what to focus on this year. Today we will discuss microservices architecture; it’s essence, benefits and successful case studies.

How exactly do you get the interest levels of futuristic sword play and undead minions in your own brand story? Great blog phrases, of course!

The search giant announced some significant feature additions to Google Photos at its annual I/O developer conference earlier this month. One of these extends to the users the ability to create physical ‘Photo Books’ using their photo gallery.

Google today declare two updates to mobile search results: an esthetic one rolling out now and an algorithmic one coming next year.

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The drawbacks that remains is the lack of domain skills arising from small domestic and local markets, limited university research and related educational system, and low linkages in between university and commerce.

The workstation introduced in the mid-1980s, had sophisticated graphics and the computational capabilities required by small enterprises.

India’s software development and IT industry is one of the world’s biggest and successful information technology industries.

In the previous posts, we have just seen the use of type wrappers in wrapping the primitive data types. Beginning in J2SE 5.0, we will not have to explicitly perform such wrapping. The wrapping/unwrapping is now implicit and automatic.


The Character class that wraps a char data type provides several utility methods to operate on character data. We can test whether the given character is a digit, a letter, a lowercase character, and so on.


The type wrapper classes were provided in Java libraries since its first release. J2SE 5.0 made several useful additions to its methods. For example, the Integer class now provides methods for bit manipulations.


To wrap a primitive type into one of these classes, we use the provided class constructor. Generally, each of these classes provides two constructors:


If we are working with binary data such as images and sounds, we need to use binary mode files.


At the top of the Exception class hierarchy we have the Throwable class. All other exception classes, including our own designed exception classes, inherit from the Throwable class.


In the previous post, we created a standard interface to get the fuel efficiency of a car. A car has many such standard functions that could be defined in terms of interfaces.

Because a static method is invoked without a class instance, we cannot use a this or super reference in the static method.


Consider the example of the ball game described in here section. A player may be given the choice to select the colour of the balls. This colour choice will be applied to all the balls he creates during the game.

In the previous post, we accessed the static method getCount by using the class name


We have already seen the use of the static keyword in our Java programs. In fact, the first program we encountered uses the static keyword, where it was applied to the main method.

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When a class inherits from a single class, as in the case of BankAccount inheriting from Asset, it is called single-level inheritance or simply single inheritance.

Top administration support in INDIA is basic however not extra to affirm the extension of an item culture at interims an administrations organization.

NoSQL database stores are initially considering the notion “Just Say No to SQL” and these were the reactions to the perceived limitations of (SQL-based) relational databases RDBMS.

Ethics is discipline dealing with what is good & what is bad,& also with moral duty &obligation. And science as we understand is the pursuit of an insight into the working of nature through reason, observation& experience

Computing has entered its fifth era with desktop web applications offering gratitude to a substitution era of Mobile applications.

When we are choosing storage options, consider the impact of using commodity drives rather than more expensive enterprise-quality drives.

The scope of offered services could embody facilities to conduct bank and exchange transactions, to administer accounts and to access tailor-made data."