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ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System

ISO (International Standard Organization) Certification is a standard for an organization for branding your business internationally. ISO standard is extremely flexible and may be implemented in a variety of ways to suit the specific way of doing business.

By Richa Agarwal posted   4 days ago

What is ISO 27001 and Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

Most organizations or businesses will face some form of controls to manage information security. Protecting your organizations information is critical for the management success and organization’s smooth operation.

By Richa Agarwal posted   4 days ago

Hassle Free Way to Check the Status of Your Birla Sun Life Policy !

By knowing the status of your Birla Sun Life Insurance Policy you can make sure that whether the policies you took are active or not. You have several ways in which you can check the status of your Birla Sun Life Policy.

By Archana Singh posted   one month ago

Information technology effecting the global business market

Now day’s information technology (IT) is affecting the local/domestic as well as international business market in every industrial domain for global standards. If we look at the complete picture of current IT effects we will realize the use and relev

By Ailsa Singh posted   2 months ago

Evolution of ITeS in India

Primarily, the software IT industry in India was worth Rs. 184.5 billion (US$ 4.2 billion). If the value of in-house development, which is taking place at many large corporates, is added then this figure would touch around Rs. 220 billion (US$ 4.8 billion).

By Elena Glibart posted   2 months ago

Where to Create Blog

In this article, we will discuss some blogging websites.

By Jayden Bell posted   2 months ago

Health Insurance Portability- All you need to know!

Health insurance provides cover against expenses incurred due to illness, injury, accidental death, medical expenses.

By Sanjit Agarwal posted   3 months ago

Why PNB Metlife is one of the Most User Friendly Insurance Providers?

PNB MetLife Insurance is associated with MetLife International Holdings Inc and Punjab National Bank. It is one of the fastest growing company in Insurance sector.

By Archana Singh posted   4 months ago

Options to invest your retirement money in 2016

When it comes to plan for your retirement, the truth is that the earlier you start and plan for saving and investing, the better and corpus you can save for your retirement years, all thanks to the potential of compound interest.

By Archana Singh posted   5 months ago

Best ways to invest in your child education

Be a super and smart parents to your child. Always start planning for your child education with a smart child plan, it would secure your child future for long time and your kids will get a better life ahead.

By Archana Singh posted   5 months ago

Graphic Design Principals for A Successful Business Website

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication, so as to communicate your unique message and reflect your unique identity.

By MYQSOFT Infotech posted   6 months ago

Rapid Expansion of IT sector in India

The economic effect of the Innovative and technologically inclined services sector in India—accounting for 45% of the country's GDP and 35% of export earnings as of 2007, while employing only 30% of its workforce—is summarized as here: "Today, Bangal

By zack mathews posted   9 months ago

Behaviour of Potential Domestic Software Clients in India

Software Organizations looking for software services realize that India has a massive number of technically talented skilled professionals available at a very lower cost. These organizations wish to use this talented workforce in order to undergo the

By zack mathews posted   9 months ago

Patterns of Success in the Indian Software Industry

While policy reform has put in room for many of the conditions for future growth, the lack of domain expertise skills originating from small domestic and local markets, limited university research and interactions with the commercial sector remains.

By zack mathews posted   9 months ago


Product Development Outsourcing is the quite discussed subject, and why not, this segment has been growing 20 – 30% consistently all inclusive.

By zack mathews posted   10 months ago

Software Development Analysis

Software Analysts must first identify problem and understand the problem to be solved or the processes to be improved.

By zack mathews posted   11 months ago

Offshore Software Development Companies

Offshore Software Development is a popular trend that has been receiving attention over the years. It is a vital part of software development services offered by an external provider situated in a place that is far away from the client business geogr

By Tom Cruser posted   one year ago


PC programming is non-substantial, appeared differently in relation to PC equipment, which is the physical segment of PCs. PC equipment and programming require one another and neither can be sensibly utilized without the other.

By zack mathews posted   one year ago


Application programming, which is programming that uses the PC framework to perform uncommon capacities or give amusement functions beyond the fundamental operation of the PC itself. There are a wide range of sorts of utilization programming, on th

By David Miller posted   one year ago


In situations where a portion of the customization is asked for by the customer firm so as to exchange off against rolling out improvements in the current work process,

By zack mathews posted   one year ago


Indian programming associations have, as it were, stayed away from thing change. Undoubtedly, even industry majors that set objective arranged centers for thing wages have surrendered their destinations after some time.

By Ailsa Singh posted   one year ago


Mutual Mobile, Inc. could be a firm specializing in mobile solutions with offices in Austin, Lone-Star State and Hyderabad,

Global Environment in Software Development

In software development, there are several advantages of going global/ international. Internationalization can help us with product flexibility.

Impact of Technology

Technological environment consists the methods, techniques and approaches adopted for production of goods.

Techniques of Operations Research in Software Development

These methods may be used when one or more of the variables can take only integral values.

By Simons Hood posted   one year ago

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