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Research says Consumers are most excited about these new technologies

The breakthrough technologies consumers are most excited about have been revealed in new research – providing an indication of what is set to be the next big thing.

By Simond Gear posted   2 days ago

The changing nature of software development: Addressing unconscious bias

Ada Lovelace is known as the world’s first computer programmer. Her work with Charles Babbage to create the Analytics Engine, an early predecessor of the modern computer, was followed by the publication of the first, most elaborate and complete program sketched out by a programmer.

By Ailsa Singh posted   5 days ago

15 Benefits of Software Development Architecture

There are numerous of people who underestimate the importance of Software Architecture and many just don’t have knowledge about what it is and what are the benefits of software architecture?

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   17 days ago

Why is Every Company Turning into a Software firm?

IDC Estimates that by 2020, business transactions on the internet - business-to-business and business-to-consumer – will reach 450 billion per day.

By Simond Gear posted   21 days ago

How to Move From A Hobbyist to Professional Developer

Here’s a process that you can follow. The exact journey will be different for everyone, but there are steps you can take to get you on the right path.

By Simond Gear posted   one month ago

The Trendiest High-Tech Healthcare in 2017

As we become more interconnected, technology is changing just about every industry including the healthcare arena. Healthcare has been one of the most exciting new frontiers. What best way it is to test a cutting-edge technology than to use it for human consumptions and see if it really improves the quality of life.

By Katrina Espencer posted   one month ago

What is SDLC?

Getting the problem, analyzing the problem, thinking about its solution & scope, searching for its algorithm to have a digital solution, gathering all the possible solutions, Hiring of skilled workers develop the system, start to design the software test them, produce the beta model, discuss with the customer about how satisfied customer is with the beta model, further improvement, finalize the system, deliver the implementation methodology and give proper maintenance and update if necessary after delivery .

By Ailsa Singh posted   2 months ago

Find the Best MBA College For Your Good Career

Delhi NCR is rich in various MBA Colleges. An example of such is KCC Institute of Management College, situated in Greater Noida, NCR

By Cinema Media posted   2 months ago

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, India - World Class Education for Bright Future

MBA is a two year course and can be pursued by a person only if he is a graduate. There are various Government as well as Private Colleges which are ranked among the Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, India because they offer World Class Education.

By Akash Gupta posted   2 months ago

IT Companies of India are changing its recruitment strategy!!!

Recently Pune-based Persistent Systems choose to move away from traditional practices to a relatively new idea by hiring several freelancers and consultants in a team for a short-term project, that's steadily gaining popularity in the global....

By zack mathews posted   3 months ago

Importance of Receiving ITR-V Acknowledgement

By Archana Singh posted   3 months ago

US-H1B visa: America issues clarification on higher education exemption

The Trump administration in US clarified that, the conferring institution must have qualified as a "United States institution of higher education" in order to qualify for an H-1B numerical cap exemption based upon a master's or higher degree...

By Ailsa Singh posted   3 months ago

FAQ bots Service to Help Businesses by Microsoft!!!

If you own a business website, there will be definitely visitors on your website having queries and questions in their mind. The thing they need to ask from the admin or the other users.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   3 months ago

Digital Transformation: Offers Opportunities for Your Business

To an average person, Enterprise software may not sound exciting, it may get so many founders and investors excited when the total annual revenue is projected to reach $438 billion dollars in the next three years.

By Ashish srivastava posted   3 months ago

Companies Invest in Young Talents in this Digital Age

Before three years, Tarun Gupta put forward the top management of the Mahindra Group with an idea for the digitalization process. Tarun was then 29, was with the used-car business of the group, Mahindra First Choice...


The global IT Services industry holds significant opportunities for industry players due to continued increase in IT spending. Disruption is evident in software and services delivery, business models, vast amount of money is being poured into startups of all stripes, the cloud, big data, entrepreneurial, and constant innovation. Against that backdrop, companies can no longer rely on one-note value strategies.

By Royce Roy posted   4 months ago

What Is Domain Name System (DNS)? & How It Works?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is often referred to as the backbone of the internet. It is run by number of engineers and their organizations, it ultimately crafts the future of the internet.

By Royce Roy posted   4 months ago


Outsourcing is the process of hiring external vendors by a company to handle their one or more business processes.

By alexander thomas posted   4 months ago

US firms lure rich Indians with the 'Golden Visa', with H1-B Curb

As Trump Administration tightens the H1-B visa programme rules, an investment-facilitating firm is targeting rich Indians with the EB5 visa that provides a faster way to US citizenship, and is popularly known as the "Golden Visa".

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   4 months ago

5 Things to Ponder Before Buying Bharti AXA Life Insurance Plan

Bharti axa life insurance is provide life and general both kind of insurance in private sector. Leading insurance company in India and it is joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and the AXA Group.

By Archana Singh posted   4 months ago

H1B visa: It’s hard to recover in FY18 for IT investors

After a slow for a couple of months, when the delivery against the H1B visa program had diminished, the US government has changed guidelines for visa applying and processing. The new guidelines now will increase costs for Indian information technolog

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   5 months ago

10 Things to Know About New H1B Visa Rules

US government authorities under the presidency of Donald trump have strengthened up the rules for migration of computer programmers, narrowing the path of Indian IT companies over the issue of H-1B visas.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   5 months ago

Mistakes to avoid while doing tax planning in 2017

Every person has to pay the taxes to the government, but a for lower income person, it is not possible that he would pay a large amount his income as a tax to government due to more responsibility of his family. No need to hesitate, there are numerou

By Archana Singh posted   5 months ago

Good? Or Bad? Time For Indian IT – Companies!!!

The Indian IT industry will have to seek newer ways to earn a living as governments in major markets like the US, the UK and Singapore place a huge number of restrictions on immigration for working of engineers that are disturbing the outsourcing.

By AMANDEEP SINGH posted   5 months ago

Tangible Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is one of the standards within the range of ISO 9000 standards. ISO 9001 Certification is well established around the world as an invaluable Quality Management System standard which helps the organization to manage your business effectively and gives the quality system that will provide better customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

By Richa Agarwal posted   5 months ago

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