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HDFS vs. HBase : All you need to know

It has created the need for a more organized file system for storage and processing of data, when it is observed a sudden increase in the volume of data from the order of gigabytes to zettabytes.

Pig Script Interfaces and Mode of Running in Hadoop

Local and Distributed Modes of Running Pig ScriptPig has two modes for running scripts: Local Mode and MapReduce Mode:Local mode:All scripts are run o

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Pig Data Types in Hadoop

We have already seen the Pig architecture and Pig Latin Application flow. We also learn the Pig Design principle in the previous post. Now it’s time t

Pig Design Principles in Hadoop

Pig Latin is the programing platform which provides a language for Pig programs. Pig helps to convert the Pig Latin script into MapReduce tasks that can be run within Hadoop cluster.