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The cloud is a term that you will have heard be thrown about in some manner. Even those that don’t work in digital should be familiar with it, as, it’s everywhere now. Most modern mobile phones use the cloud for picture storage and the like. But, on

E-commerce websites are facing threats from hackers and people committing fraud. These are the things that can keep their site and customers safe.

The amazing thing about smartphones today is they can do more than PCs were able to do decades ago. Some of them even dominate various laptops that are on the market in terms of what they are able to accomplish.

I was talking to a programmer friend the other day. He helps develop actuarial algorithms for insurance companies. He is constantly pointing out that his algorithms are beneficial to insurance companies and beneficiaries alike.

Cybersecurity is like the door ajar warning light on the console of a huge van going 80 mph down the freeway. Whoever’s driving the vehicle needs to pull over and close the door.

These days we are too much friendlier with the news of cybercrime in which the hackers perform activities which are illegal according to the laws.

Cybersecurity refers to the security which includes the security and protection of computer systems from cyber-attacks, thefts, and damage to their hardware

The new threat called "Fireball" is designed to hijack browsers to change the default search engine and track their web traffic on behalf of Beijing-based digital marketing firm called Rafotech, the malware also has the ability to download...

A free WannaCry decryption tool can be used to save data on computers infected by the ransomware and it is available on Github.

This is a five-year contract and IBM will use its global expertise to secure trading engine, data and hardware for all of BSE's current trading platforms like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, and also the planned ones like commodities.

A massive cyberattack that struck 300,000 computers in 150 countries earlier this month has begun to slow, but experts warn there is more to come — including the ability to hack fingerprint scanners and readers.

Today, the world is continuosly battling against the WannaCry ransomware. It also somewhere known as WannaCrypt but there isn’t any major difference between the two.On 12 may, the attack, started to lock people’s computers and encrypt their files.

he appetite for Internet of Things security is going stronger than ever, with shadowy botnet armies lurking around the globe and vigilante gray-hat actors inoculating susceptible devices.

The coins are created by lending computing power to verify other users' transactions by users who 'mine' them. Right now, it’s more precious than an ounce of gold, Bitcoin is completely digital and it's the currency of choice for the cyber attackers.

The WannaCry ransomware first struck on May 12, with over 200,000 computers in over 150 countries got affected, CERT-In is holding a webcast on preventing WannaCry.

Companies of all sizes have welcomed the cloud and open source has come up with the standard for infrastructure software. Both possess their own type of benefit and risk. An attack or failure on datacenter could be troublesome for many companies.