Good Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Smartphones are increasingly becoming extensions of our daily lifestyles. Our routines are now reliant on them, but they are more than mere personal assistants.

Endless Recycler view with loader

Endless Scroller in android

How to use social login for Google, Yahoo and Facebook

Creating Login button give ease to a user to provide authentic user login in his/her application. There are several ways a user can provide the login to the application such as using google, facebook, yahoo, linkedIn, etc.

Implementation of API in Android

An API is an interface used between the user and the server. There are two types of API’s used which offers a different mechanism for connecting and receiving data.

API (Application Programming Interface)

An API is an interface used between the user and the server. There are two types of API’s used which offers the different mechanism for connecting and receiving data.

A brief introduction to SQLite and it's features

SQLite is a relational database which implements a self-contained, server-less, zero- configurational, transactional database engine.

Triggers in SQLite

Triggers in SQLite database are the database callback functions which are invoked or performed whenever a specified database event occurs.

Transactions and Injections in SQLite

A brief introduction to transaction and injections in SQLite.

Datatypes in SQLite

Datatypes are an important aspect of any table created in the database.

Difference between SQL and SQLite

Various differences between SQL and SQLite

Coding conventions

Coding convention or coding standards are the specific set of guidelines defined for a specific programming language.

Exception Handling

Exception handling is a process by which an unwanted error can be captured with the help of various statements.

Generic Naming Convention

Naming convention is a set of rules which are used to define different identifiers such as constants, variables, functions, etc. in a programming language.

Android Basics

Android is open source Linux based operating system which was developed by Google Inc. and Later, it was adopted by Open Handset Alliances ,led by google and companies.

Custom Application Development

Nonstop fantastic change in the Software development segment prompts engineers to create custom application customized on a refined stage containing all the strong remarkable components. These creative applications are easy to understand that are effortlessly executed to accomplish gainful business arrangements.


Must Download Best Android Gaming Apps

Android mobile gaming is getting bigger and better by the day. Check out Google Play and you will find a plethora of games in every genre. For sure, there is a gaming app for every kind of gamer...

All New BHIM- Aadhar App

The NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) had launched a mobile application for Aadhaar-based payments through Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app for merchants.


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