legend tag in html

We will use legend tag to define caption for fieldset, figure and details element. In html 4.01 legend tag defines caption only for fieldset element but in html5 legend tag defines caption for fieldset, figure and details element.

Mark tag in html5

mark tag is new tag in html5. It will be used to marked important text in document. Whenever you want to highlight some portion of text in your document then we will use mark tag.

Storing data on Client in HTML5

In other version of HTML we store data on client machine by using concept of cookies which is not suitable for large data. With the concept of localSt

Figure element in HTML5

HTML5 figure element is used to show content on page; content can be images, photographs, articlesor data tables. The content of figure element should be relevant to the main content, but if removed it should not affect the flow of document.

Canvas Element in HTML5

Canvas element will be used to draw some graphics content on browser by using java script. It is a resolution dependent bitmap canvas, which can be used for rendering graphs, game graphics or other visual images on the fly.

Article element in HTML5

In HTML5 article tag is used to show content, content can be blog, forum, newspaper etc. Article tag represents an independent section of page. The article tag specifies independent, self contained content. This is a new tag in html5.

Keygen Element in HTML 5

HTML 5 offers a new input element keygen,this element is used to safely authenticate users, keygen element creates a pair of private, public keys which is stored on the client machine and sends the public key to the server.

Global attributes HTML 5

The attributes listed below are supported by all HTML 5 tags. HTML 5 global attributesaccess keySpecifies shortcut key that can be used to access ele

HTML5 datalist element

In HTML5 datalist element can be used in conjunction with an input element that contains a list of attribute. We create list with option element inside in datalist element.

HTML 5 Output Element

HTML 5 introduced a new element output which is used to represent the result of different types of output, such as output written by a script.HTML 5 offers output tag which is used to dynamically show result of a JavaScript function .