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  • Android applications are the most demandable platform of the mobile industry and students are getting highly attracted to the development process of Android. If you have made your mind to become an android developer, so it is a perfect choice as it...

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  • With thousands of mobile and web app developers out there, it could be tough to find the right company. CronJ is leading mobile app development company among all the top app development companies. Hire Dedicated app developers from New York,....

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  • Developing The Android apps

    Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio. one in all the simplest elements concerning developing for the Android is that the required tools area unit free and simple to get. ...Android Studio is that the main program with that devel...

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  • As it happens, starting a web-based casino is really quite difficult, which is probably why the great majority of online casinos are a part of a network or syndicate....

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  • The usage of your Android smartphone, you need it to be rapid. on account that we use it in almost every area of our lives — calling, texting, checking email, staying linked on social media, and more — the selection of apps is very important....

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  • It is a default control provided by the Android for developers. It is a part of widget which provides users to send requested query to the server side and get the required result...

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  • Android WebView Control

    webView control is used to display the content of the web browser which has .htm or .html extension file. WebView can also be used by declaring html tags in string datatype....

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  • Android ScrollView Control

    Scrollview is used to define the content on the screen. It provides the platform in which content is adjustable according to the content display in a view....

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  • SeekBar in Android

    Android provides SeekBar control which is similar to progress bar except it has to drag and drop functionality by which user can adjust the functionality of the control. It is a part of widget category....

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  • ImageButton in Android

    ImageButton is used to get a response from user onClick event. OnClick event is called through setOnclickListener and followed by OnClickListener with button....

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  • TimePicker in Andriod

    1. Time Picker is a control which provides user to pick the time from the analog clock to pick the time. 2. It allows to pick hours first and then minutes...

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  • DatePicker in Android

    1. Date Picker is a control which provides user flexibility to pick the date. 2. It has a month, day and year picking user interface format calendar....

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  • Android Progress Bar

    ProgressBar is a dialog box which gives the current status of Activity on Android such as downloading and uploading of files....

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  • Android  Rating bar

    Rating bar is a control which provides a user interface to give feedback about the application. It always returns value in floating point...

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  • Listview in Android

    It provides multiple optional menus which are appeared on the screen and one can select it of their own choice. The content list appears as defined in the list. ListView, TextView is the control that is defined in the two different XML files....

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