How to Fix a Frozen Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is a great gaming console but the problem arises when it starts freezing. This issue can arise due to several reasons such as a problem with the game disc, corrupted installed game, network issues, etc. To fix the problem, you can talk to the technicians via Xbox Support Number

Follow the steps listed underneath to fix a frozen Xbox 360:

  1. Turn on your Xbox by using the 'power' button. Next,
  2. go to your Xbox memory by using the controller.
  3. Select your hard drive and press y but do not press enter.
  4. Press y and click on the option clear system cache. Press ‘Continue’ to clear it.
  5. Try to restore the problem and if the Xbox is not freezing now, it means that the error has been fixed.
  6. Now, shut down the Xbox and take the hard drive out of it. If it starts freezing again, use the 'power' button again. 
  7. Check if the Xbox is freezing, if not then the error has been resolved. 
  8. Apart from the above steps, you can use the points given below to check if it is a hard drive or console problem. 
  • If it does freeze, your Xbox has to be sent to get fixed.
  • If it doesn't freeze, your hard drive needs to be repaired.

If this doesn’t help, consider getting in touch with the Xbox Customer Service.

Other tips and tricks to fix frozen Xbox 360

  1. Press the middle button of your Xbox 360 controller and press ‘Y’. Press the power button on your Xbox 360 console to turn it off. Make certain that the console is positioned in a clear area on a solid surface and nothing is stopping the airflow to its vents. After that, turn it back on.
  2. Take the game disc out of your disc tray and check it for cracks, scratches, and stains. If required, take a soft, damp cloth and clean it properly. If the cracks or scratches are still there, the disc is damaged.
  3. If you are playing an installed Xbox 360 game, the issue can be with the game. Load a different game and play it normally. If it doesn't freeze, the game is the issue. Go to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and re-download the problematic game to your console.
  4. Last but not least, check the internet connection. If you are playing on Xbox LIVE and your game freezes, it is possible that you have lost access to the Internet. Check the Ethernet cable or wireless connection and make sure it is still connected. You can also contact your Internet service provider to make sure the server is not down in your area.

Using the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips, you can fix the freezing issue easily. You can also call at the Xbox Support Phone Number. The technical experts will help you in fixing the issues by applying the best-suited techniques. Their round the clock availability will make it convenient for you to get the required help whenever required.

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