Norton account facilitates you to manage all of your subscriptions from one single interface. The moment a user buys a Norton product like Norton internet security or Norton antivirus, the account is created.

How to access your Norton account

Once done, all details about subscriptions and products are readily available to use for you.
Whether you want to re-download the Norton product, access product keys or need the latest product updates, just access this single Norton account. No hassle of managing individual subscriptions with different accounts. It makes product and account management a bit easier. Here, we are going to reveal that how to access your Norton accounts with ease. Let’s get the things started.
First things first: Do you have a Norton account?
A Norton account works if you have installed and activated a Norton product. Creating an account is a part of the installation process. During the first purchase, your account has been created automatically. Any online products such as Norton internet security login, Norton online backup, etc. directly redirect you to the signup page.

How to access your Norton account

Even Norton trial versions allow you to create a Norton account. It is only a one-time job i.e. you have to create an account one time. Any extra purchases just require you to log in to your existing account.
Create a new account
Don’t have a Norton account? Well, you have to create the one if any Norton product is installed on your computer. To do so, switch on your PC and connect it to the internet. After that, open the installed Norton product.
When the product window opens, you will see a link in the upper-right side that says ‘sign in’. All you have to do is simply click on create a Norton account button. Doing so will open the signup window. Fill in a valid email and go through the on-screen prompts to create a new account. It will store all the information of your Norton product. Pursue the steps given on the desktop screen to store information on other products as well. Just log in to your current Norton account from the other products rather than creating a new account.
If you come across any type of issue, call us on our Norton helpline number. We will offer you the ultimate solutions to all your technical problems.
Why you need to access your Norton account
    Download the recent version of Norton service.
    Handle your subscriptions.
    Recover your product key.
    Control your automatic renewal enrollment.
Quick Tip: Make sure to connect your device to the internet for accessing your Norton account.
Steps for accessing Norton account
Follow the mentioned steps below:
1.    Launch any of your favorite web browsers on the computer.
2.    Navigate to the login webpage.
3.    Type the email address and password.
4.    In case you don’t have a Norton account, create the one by aforementioned steps.
5.    You can check the box next to remember me on this device in case you are willing to remember your email each time when you log in.
6.    Finally, click on sign in button.
In this way, you can access your account. For any technical issue, you can take advantage of our Norton remote services. We hold experts who can handle any type of queries related to your Norton product.
Change account information
In order to change or update Norton account information, you need to log in to your account first. Choose personal information option and type the information to change. Through this webpage, you can even change the password. After that, click on save changes button to apply the setting changes you have made.
It is worth notable that you can always opt for our Norton customer service for instant help while creating an account, updating the information or accessing your account.

How to access your Norton account
So, this was the complete process to access your Norton account with ease. Do let us know below if this helped you or not. We will definitely appreciate your views.

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