With frames, we can display more than one HTML document in the same browser window. Each HTML document is called a frame, and each frame is independent of the other.

The disadvantages of using frames are:
        1) the web developer must keep track of more HTML documents
        2) it is difficult to print the entire page.

The Frameset Tag
  • The <frameset> tag defines how to divide the window into frames.
  •  Each frameset defines a set of rows or columns.
  •  The values of the rows/columns indicate the amount of screen area each row/column will occupy.
The Frame Tag

         The <frame> tag defines what HTML document to put into each frame.

<frameset cols=”25%,75%”>
                <frame src=”a.html”>
                <frame src=”b.html”>


  • User wants to prevent the resize the border of frame. You can add noresize=”noresize” to the <frame> tag.
  • You cannot use the <body></body> tags together with the <frameset></frameset> tags. However, if you add a <noframes> tag containing some text for browsers that do not support frames, you will have to encose the text in <body></body> tags.
  •  Add the <noframes> tag for browsers that do not support frames.
Frame Tags




Defines a set of frame.


Defines a set of window (a frame).


Defines a no frame section for browsers that do not handle frames.


Defines an inline sub window (frame)

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