Have you ever heard something that you feel that it cannot be practically true? Or do you keep hearing something inaccurate about the things and then being repeated over and over even though it is not true? Well there are some myths about SEO that the Google’s special engineer Matt Cutts keeps on hearing repeated again and again in recent webmaster help video.

Please take a look at the four myths:

  • If you pay for Google AdWords it gives you Higher Organic Rankings

This thing is regarding advertising obviously that if you pay high amounts to Google then Google pay you higher organic rankings in result. This is actually not true. After this myth people also has to say that you can rank better in the organic search results if you do not buy ads. This is actually very irritating that these two conspiracies are fighting against each other then where the hell does Google stand? 

  • The next says that Google Changes Its Algorithm and force people to buy ads

Another one says that Google keeps on changing their algorithms in order to drive down the traffic from the sites and then they force people to buy ads in order to compensate the traffic of their website. There is a related conspiracy theory that says Google makes its changes and it tries to drive people to buy ads. Working with the search quality group here is the explanation why Google does what it actually performs in the search results.

The major reason is that Google wants to give good search results to its users, so that they should remain happy and should keep returning back to your website. This is the main motto of changing the algorithms.

  • Black Hat Techniques are the best methods to rank no. 1

Matt Cutts said that I really wish if webmaster could think for them more than only relying on the things that they read in the black hat forums and thinking about the latest ranking tool and should think that this is the one that will be making them number one. According to Matt Cutts, one should never be afraid of thinking for them. Black hat techniques can give you success but only for a short period of time. You cannot expect a lifelong success if you are using short cut methods.

  • Then lastly, the final thing that people think is that SEO tools are the solutions to all your problems.

There are a number of automated SEO tools and softwares available on various webmasters and black hat forums available online but despite of the assurances, they leave footprints that can be tracked down and the sites will get penalized. Just because somebody says that they make lots of money online does not mean that they do.

Give your searchers what they are actually looking for but not these myths that they just listen and start believing. There are hell lot of things people have to say but Google always work for your benefit and will always be doing the same.

Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com : Digital Marketing Company. She has 3 years experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing, and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst. 

  Modified On Apr-30-2019 05:10:43 AM

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