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Tab control in WPF

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Tab control in WPF

We can use tab control to organize window more efficiently and easily. Two elements play an important role while creating a tab control in WPF. One is TabControl and another one is TabItem. In XAML <TabControl /> element is used to create a TabControl while <TabItem /> element is used to create <TabElement /> control. In this demonstration I will show you how to use tab control in WPF

XAML code snippet to create a Tab control



            <TabItem Header="Name">

                <Label x:Name="lblName" Content="Hello Awadhendra" />


            <TabItem Header="Image" >

                <Image Source="C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Hydrangeas.jpg" />


            <TabItem Header="Contact Us" >


                    <Label x:Name="lblUserName" Content="User Name" Canvas.Left="30" Canvas.Top="30" />

                    <TextBox x:Name="txtUserName" Width="200" Height="30" Canvas.Right="90" Canvas.Top="30" />

                    <Label x:Name="lblUserEmaiId" Content="Email Id" Canvas.Left="30" Canvas.Top="70" />

                    <TextBox x:Name="txtUserEmailID" Width="200" Height="30" Canvas.Right="90" Canvas.Top="70" />

                    <Label x:Name="lblUserContactNumber" Content="Contact Number" Canvas.Left="30" Canvas.Top="110" />

                    <TextBox x:Name="txtUserContactNumber" Width="200" Canvas.Right="90" Height="30" Canvas.Top="110" />

                    <Button x:Name="btnSubmit" Content="Submit Information" Canvas.Left="155" Canvas.Top="150" />





Output of the following code snippet is as follows

Tab control in WPF

Tab control in WPF

Tab control in WPF


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