WPF is a new technology introduced by Microsoft in .net framework 3.0. .Net framework is officially introduced by Microsoft with the windows vista operating system. But windows XP and 2003 also support .net framework 3.0. So for making any WPF application you require at least vs2005 and .net framework 3.0.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a next generation presentation system for building windows client application with greater user experience. With the help of WPF we make next generation windows user experience which support media , documents , hardware acceleration , vector graphics , integration with windows , interactive data visualization etc. The core of WPF is a resolution-independent and vector based rendering engine that is build to take advantage of modern graphics hardware. In WPF we can develop application which includes feature of XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language), controls, data binding, animation, media, text etc.

WPF application mainly consists of two parts:
  •  XAML a markup fileà XAML is a XML based file which defines the user interface of your application. In XAML we can define the attributes of the control, look and feel etc. A XAML file follows the extension of .xaml which tells that this is a XAML file. Such as Window.xaml, HelloWorld.xaml etc.
  • Code behind fileà In code behind file we defines the behavior of control or application such as how button control is react when any user clicks on that. The extension of code behind file is .xaml.cs such as Window.xaml.cs, HelloWorld.xaml.cs etc.
A screen shot of XAML file

Introduction to WPF Technology

This screen shot representing the XAML file which has a named MainWindow.xaml.

A screen shot of code behind file

Introduction to WPF Technology

A screen shot representing code behind file which have a named MainWindow.xaml.cs.

A screen shot which represents both code file and xaml file

Introduction to WPF Technology


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