Today, working from home online is not a myth anymore, but a reality. A lot of smart, talented and well-educated people choose rather freelancing instead of boring office seat. There are many online job options from home, one of which is the data entry online job. What kind of job is it? What are the requirements that must be met in order to be engaged in this work? Today the Vip-Writers team will tell.

Data entry is the process of transferring some information from one form to another one. Usually data is entered from the keyboard into a database of a program, for example, in Excel tables. Data transfer can be carried out from handwritten documents or various tables. Data can be represented as a sequence of numbers, machine code, and even names and addresses. Some professions, such as the data entry operator, may be associated exclusively with data entry, while in other professions, such as a programmer, you only need to occasionally enter various data into a computer.

There are many job offers for online data entry operators on the freelance exchanges. The most common and popular data entry jobs from home are the remote PC operator and text transcription.

The position of a PC operator can be very interesting. In addition, to perform such work it is not necessary to sit in the office. The PC operator can easily perform the tasks assigned to him/her from home online.

The PC operator is a rather specific profession. It is great for people who are looking for work at home. For the person who take such position, several basic duties are assigned. He/she will be responsible for performing such tasks:

- Entering the necessary information into the database on the computer. The content of this data directly depends on the direction in which the company operates;

- Receiving, sending and sorting emails;

- Keep company’s documentation.

- Additionally, the employer may entrust the PC operator with other responsibilities in his/her discretion. These include paperwork, as well as the dissemination of information about the company on Internet resources for advertising purposes.

Requirements for candidates for the position of PC operator

Remote work can be both the main and additional way of earning. There is an opinion that any person is able to get a job. In fact, employers have strict requirements for those employees who plan to do things at home.

Usually, applicants who meet specific requirements are considered for the position of PC operator at home. They have to:

- Have the opportunity to be on the Internet for several hours a day. A PC operator who will work at home must be on the network in order to receive and send emails in time, to get acquainted with the new information that is important for the company.

- To learn quickly and take care of the assigned tasks.

- Know the basic computer programs. Remote work involves the use of programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

- Have increased attention to the work being done. In any case the PC operator should not make mistakes in the work. That is why it is important to be as attentive as possible when entering and processing data.

- Know foreign languages. The work of the PC operator at home may include familiarization with materials written in a foreign language. The employee should understand this information well to avoid errors during its processing.


Recently, on freelance exchanges, we can find an increasing number of orders that relate to audio or video file transcription into text format. It should immediately be noted that the duties of the employee include not only the reproduction of the heard text, but also giving the text the most readable format. Thus, it is often necessary to purge the text of “parasitic words” that the narrator can use in his/her speech.

Of course, a reasonable question arises: who needs transcription of audio or video and why? On the Internet, basically, transcription is ordered by people who are working to create a variety of webinars, podcasts or video tutorials. Also, often bloggers, use transcription for posting their video on the channel.

There are some basic skills needed for those who want to get a transcription job. Among them:

- Speed keyboard typing. It is better to master the skills of blind typing.

- Competent language proficiency.

- Stylistic skills for subsequent editing of the decrypted text.

- Great hearing.

- The ability to memorize a large amount of information for its further processing.

- Exact reproduction of the information.

- To have a high level of perseverance and endurance in order to perform painstaking work, which can sometimes take more than one hour of time.

Orders can be found on various freelance exchanges, which you will need to monitor from time to time in order to find your customer. Thus, decoding audio or video to text is the kind of activity that everyone can do, while receiving a great additional source of income.

As you can see, data entry online jobs are considered to be very popular. Companies are much easier to give employees the opportunity to work at home. Indeed, in this case, they do not have the need to rent office space for the team, and also to provide it with all the necessary stationery and printing equipment.

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