Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Officiants

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Officiants

A wedding is one of the major chapters of life. On the wedding day, the bride and groom perform the rituals and promise to stand by each other’s side always. The place, date and time play a vital role in the wedding ceremony. Besides these aspects, there is one person who plays a significant role i.e. Wedding Officiant. This person is the one who can break or make your big day.

Who is Wedding Officiant?

A wedding officiant is an individual who officiates a wedding ceremony. Whether you are going to have a secular or a religious ceremony, you need a wedding officiant in Vancouver. The officiant is the one who would legitimatize your sacred union.

How are Wedding Officiants Different from Professional Wedding Celebrant?

A wedding officiant is the one help you to write and read the vows and sign the required documents to officiate their wedding. Where wedding celebrants who help the couples get the wedding according to their choice and hash out every small detail. The celebrants in Vancouver can help you in tailoring your wedding ceremony. Be it planning the ceremony’s structure or double-checking the vows, you can seek the advice of celebrant. Moreover, celebrants offer informal counseling as well.

Wedding Officiants- You Need to Know About

An experienced officiant knows how to deliver the wedding ceremonies with confidence as well as grace. If you wish to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable, it is advisable to choose the officiant wisely. Before you select a wedding officiant in Vancouver BC for your wedding, it is important the know the type of officiants. Here is a list of types of wedding officiants.

• Religious Officiant

A religious officiant serves as a leader who performs the rite of the wedding through a religious organization. Rabbi, minister, priest, pastor, cantors, etc. are the spiritual leaders who can lead the wedding ceremony and authorized to sign the marriage certificate. Working with a religious officiant doesn’t mean that you need to organize a wedding ceremony in the temple, mosque, or Church.

• Civil Officiant

A civil officiant is totally opposite to religious officiant. A civil officiant is authorized to perform legal weddings by a local or state government. Commonly, these types of officiants are employed with the local circuit court like clerks, justices, magistrates, commissioners, and judges. Even if the couple doesn’t perform any type of wedding ceremony, they can sign the marriage license.

• Ordained Officiant

If you wish to have a wedding ceremony just in the presence of family or close friends, you need an ordained officiant. An ordained officiant is a temporary officiant who officiates the wedding. However, before the ceremony, it is essential for that individual fulfills the ordination requirements and follow the district or state rules.

Apart from these officiants, there are professional officiants popularly known as celebrants. They are licensed professionals who are hired by couples for the customized wedding ceremony. Moreover, they offer guidance to couples for writing and practicing vows. If you are going to marry soon, it is advisable to do research work and hire an experienced wedding officiant in Vancouver BC.

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