Nootropics- 7 Different Types and Their Unique Properties

If you wish to grasp nootropics fully, it is vital to have a good understanding of the various types that are available. There are some groups which possess a concrete history, and there are others that have been released already in the last few years. The best part about Nootropics is that it can help in improving your learning abilities, memory, focus, and mood. Every nootropic is unique offering its respective set of perks as well as a method of action. Some varieties affect the mood, and there are some that can increase cognitive functioning.

Owing to the different benefits that it offers most users stack these supplements to attain the finest outcomes. Resting on the results that the user wishes to seek, he/she will need to be familiar with which nootropics groups do they desire. Nootropics typically are divided into 7 broad categories namely Smart Drugs, Natural Nootropics, Ampakines, Peptides, Vitamin B Derivatives, Choline, and Racetams.

7 Types of Nootropics and Their Unique Properties

Take a look at the 7 types of Nootropics and their unique properties,

1. Smart Drugs- Also known as Smart Drugs, often Nootropics are mistaken for smart drugs. But in the real sense, smart drugs are not considered nootropics entirely. Some smart drugs are stimulants, so they are not nootropics technically, but there are some which border nootropics offering similar perks. For instance, Modafinil is used for treating chronic fatigue by increasing the neurotransmitter hypocretin that will improve the energy levels and motivation. Since it is regulated, most users prefer to take Adrafinil instead. Generally, it is used with other nootropics in a stack.

After consuming Adrafinil when it reaches the body, it turns into Modafinil which is used commonly by students for increasing wakefulness while studying. Doctors also use it for promoting concentration in people with ADHD. But these smart drugs have some side effects, so it is vital to know about the risks. Adrafinil, for instance, is not suggested to people having heart complications or taking other medications. Consult a doctor before taking it for best results.

2. Natural Nootropics- Such supplements are herbal or natural which means it is plant-based offering inherent benefits. Natural nootropics can help in increasing brain health and also its ability to function. Such supplements are highly safe yet are less effective compared to synthetic nootropics. BacopiMonneri, Ginkgo Biloba and Valorcine are the 3 top natural nootropics. For instance, Gingko Biloba can be useful as a concentration and memory enhancer and also for treating Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is a Chinese tree which has a beneficial and rich history. To know more contact Simon Manning from BestNootropicsNow.

3. Ampakines- This is comparatively a new category, but it is solid as it will have on the glutamate receptors a direct effect boosting up the glutamate levels. Glutamate is vital when it comes to memory and learning because it plays a function in the synaptic plasticity. Ampakines will offer positive effects sans side effects related to other substances such as caffeine. But there is a little overlap in case of some racetams because it can stimulate the glutamate receptors. The stimulation achieved however through these supplements is greater. For instance, Sunifiram is more potent than Piracetam.

4. Peptides- Today there are different types of peptide nootropics available in the market of which Noopept is the most widely used. It is related closely to the family of racetam but is 1000 times more potent in comparison to Piracetam. Peptides are effective in crossing the barrier of blood-brain with high bioavailability. This supplement affects both on acetylcholine and glutamate making it similar to racetams. Noopept can improve the learning capabilities, motivation, memory, boost up the level of alertness and also brain energy.

5. Vitamin B Derivatives- These nootropics are made from B vitamins that mimic beneficial effects. For instance, Sulbutiamineis a vitamin B derivative, a Thiamine derivative that is vitamin B1. This supplement is mostly used for treating fatigue and low levels of energy and at the same time making the user highly alert. The vitamin B derivative Subutiamine is noted to improve memory because it affects dopamine, glutamate, and choline and doctors also use it for treating degenerative cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's.  

6. Choline Nootropics- Despite being found naturally in the body most people tend to be deficient in choline. This nutrient is water soluble which is vital for brain health and function. The precursor to acetylcholine it is a conventional means of action regarding nootropic. Such supplements possess the ability to affect cognition positively on its own and have a positive outcome on both learning and memory. Though it is beneficial via its own, often they are taken along with other nootropics. Generally, it is stacked with racetams because choline supplements offer the finest outcomes together.

Acetylcholine without choline cannot be synthesized. Because racetams help in stimulating the acetylcholine receptor sites, luckily it is available in plenty. Alpha GPC, Centrophenoxine, and Citicoline are the most widely used choline nootropics. Choosing the best rests on what is ideal for one. Citicoline can help in increasing the dopamine levels, and Alpha GPC will help to enhance memory as well as learning in patients with Alzheimer's.

7. Racetams- Racetams is one of the most commonly used nootropic. Every drug under this group has a similar structure. Piracetam is the oldest and the first discovered that has a trusted and long history. Piracetam together with Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiracetam all comprise of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Racetams are known for improving learning abilities, mood, focus, memory and also enhance the level of energy.

There are some that work with Acetylcholine neurotransmitter while others will augment glutamate's re-uptake. Acetylcholine is vital because it will help in the signals sent across synapses. These supplements are also called neuroprotective which means it can help in boosting up the cell regrowth rate and also decrease the deterioration rate. Racetams are widely used and are quite common. If nootropics need to be taken in a stack them, racetams can be included.

Consult a physician before taking a Nootropic.

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