SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been present for years! And regardless, how much SEO professionals delve in it, there's always something new to learn about the SEO industry as a whole. Sometimes, there's a new Google algorithm update and other times an SEO smart hack concerning keyword placement that is innovative to learn. New discoveries and constant evolution have always characterized the SEO industry.

However, if you review critically, the basics of SEO have stayed the same to a great extent. The subject of SEO is often delved into extensively by the SEO experts and to some extent by online business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. That aside the majority of people only have a vague idea about SEO. They probably believe what they hear from others and don’t delve into reliable resources. It’s the main reason why there’s so much of confusion pertaining to SEO and its broad concepts. SEO agencies get to witness some of the misrepresentations of SEO tactics when they get to interview SEO newcomers. Let us discuss some of the popular misconceptions people have concerning SEO.

Top SEO Misconceptions

1. SEO is a scheme or gimmick

The way few non-SEO professionals discuss the subject, it seems that SEO is some trick. The SEO strategies that have been written about extensively all through the websites might look like tricks, but they are vital strategy to focus on. Just because there's a write up on Google that says, "Five Best SEO Tricks to Use," doesn't make SEO a gimmick or trick. The best SEO tactics, which is also known as the White-Hat SEO strategy, focus all on the correct SEO ideas and strategies to implement so that web pages get good ranks and increase the online visibility. Best SEO strategies that matter is free from all the short-term tricks, hacks and other spammy tricks.

2. Google penalties are a big threat

Google penalties are a reality! However, the way some people write about it, they make it sound like some dangerous offense that one can't rectify. Also, not many people are made aware as to what causes Google penalties. Usually, it is an outcome of human action. The temporary rank drops and automatic penalties are far more common but less severe. Also, if you are implementing the best or White Hat SEO tactics, you can stop worrying about any penalties or harsh consequences.

3. SEO is all about keyword rankings

It is a common myth about SEO. People think it is all about generating keyword and using the same in websites and blogs to attain the best SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). There’s more to SEO than just keywords. It comprises several KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics that you can use to estimate the success of your campaign. Evaluating keyword rankings is one of many aspects of SEO.

4. It’s best to spend less on SEO

Most people look upon SEO as a cost-effective strategy that comes with an increased ROI (Return on Investment). And this understanding confuses the SEO newcomers. They feel that people should invest very less on SEO, as this will minimize the risks and also help to capitalize on long-term returns. But when you spend less on something, you will have to put up with low quality work. The strategic execution is to its minimal. Hence, it's always recommended that you spend on specialized services to benefit.

5. SEO is very easy

Though it’s good not to get intimidated by the whole SEO game, yet it’s not correct to say that SEO is very easy. You might be able to learn about the best SEO concepts by taking an afternoon workshop. That is easy. However, to put the same into practical use is what will take time. A simple aspect like keyword planning might take months for you to master the art. In addition to that, you will also have to stay updated with the changing SEO trends and plan your online marketing strategy accordingly.

6. SEO is extremely complex

SEO comes with its gamut of technical elements. An SEO newcomer will take some time to learn aspects like robots.txt, canonical tags, and file editing. All these elements might appear extremely intimidating at the start. But even when you don’t sign up for the coding experience, you can learn the few fundamental aspects within a very few time. Simply put SEO extremely learnable. It becomes easy when an SEO newcomer shows dedication and develops an interest in it.

7. Link building is not spam

Link building might appear to be spammy when you execute that in an improper manner. However, expert link builders are aware that the tactics aren't just about stamping the links on several off-site pages. Instead, the process is all about generating valuable, relevant content that most people will want to read. It also comprises informative organic links inside the content that enhances the search relevance. Just in case you are executing the link building strategy correctly, you know that you are adding value to the World Wide Web.

8. The process remains uniform all through

It is one of the most common misconceptions that people have for SEO. Most people feel that SEO as a process remains the same, year after year! They expect that an SEO agency to resort to a consistent method, in step by step process and attain the same outcome year after year. That, however, is not true. Nothing remains constant, and neither does SEO. The truth is SEO results depend on the way a company implements the SEO strategy. Additionally, a lot depends on the investment level of the company to get the desired outcome.

Also, Google algorithms don’t remain the same for too long! And SEO and online marketing strategy will have to adjust to that. That is proof enough that SEO is not going to remain the same all the time.

The field of SEO is expanding at a fast pace! If you are planning to implement the best SEO practices for your online business, it is essential to be aware of the myths and misconceptions. Only then will you have a real understanding of SEO, for you to implement it correctly to your advantage.

  Modified On Nov-17-2018 10:20:30 AM

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