Calculate The Electrical Requirements Before You Purchase A Pond Fountain

For the most part, installing a pond fountain or aeration system is fairly straight forward, as long as you have the correct wiring and electrical capacity set up ahead of time to power the unit properly. There are a few things to check ahead of time to avoid costly mistakes. You will need to have adequate amperage available for the motor to run efficiently, the pond fountain or aerator will not run at its full capacity. This causes stress on the motor and will shorten the motor life. When the motor does not run at full capacity, you won't get the performance you expect in the spray or the volume of water turn over, and that is always a disappointment. These units are expensive so you want it to operate as it should. 

Just follow a few guidelines to make sure you have adequate electricity available for your fountain or aeration system:

Whether it is a small pond aerator or a fountain kit for a large lake, it must be connected to a dedicated GFCI circuit, that has double the amperage of the running amps of the pump motor.

The next 2 important details: distance of the wire run (from the breaker to the pump motor) and the proper size wire gauge. Measure from your main breaker box to the pump motor in your pond. That is the total run of measurement that will determine the size gauge wire you require (wire’s thickness or gauge) needed to adequately operate the pump motor. The measurement is the whole distance that the electrical current has to travel, in order to know what size gauge wire is appropriate for your project. If the wire gauge is too small, it will cause amperage drop, which will put strain on the motor and shorten the pump’s life. We have an easy to use electrical guide for pond fountains that will show you what wire size your project requires. Following these simple steps will make the process of your outdoor pond fountain installation to go smoothly, and you will enjoy your beautiful fountain and healthy pond for many years.

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