Article submission is a powerful platform that contributes to driving traffic to our website. It refers to publishing of articles in the leading websites which enjoy huge amount of traffic and provide back links to your website. If the article caters to the needs of the visitors, there is a great deal of chances that they will click the back link, which adds to the flow of traffic to our website. If your website matches their requirements, they will come back times and again. Repeat visit is extremely important and depends much on the talent of website proprietors.

The logic behind article submission was originally a good one. However like most other off site SEO techniques, SEO companies soon found ways to spam and manipulate these resources in the hope of pushing up SERP positioning.

Structure of Article Submission Process
Article Title should be a maximum 110 characters including all spaces and hyphens, which is about 12 words or less. Include keywords in title.
Abstract or Summary Description can be a maximum of about 500 characters. There are no hard rules on how many words the abstract should contain, but about 60–70 words should be more than enough.
Keywords should be a collection of words that appears in our articles the most frequently. 
Article Body should be about 600-800 words long, but it depends a great deal on the publishers'  requirements. 
Article should be written with no HTML formatting as most article submission sites may not accept HTML  formatted articles. If you have written your articles in Microsoft Word, convert them to plain text prior to submission. Include your main keywords in our articles.
Resource Box should contain about 30–40 words. This is where we can talk about yourself and our business preferably in the third person. Provide no more than 2 live links to site, 
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