Directory Submission provides high quality backlinks We can use a desired keyword , which will be hyperlinked to the site providing you an anchor text backlink.Directory submission provides link building process.

The most important step is to study the website for which we are going to start process.The next step is to have your titles and description ready. 

Prepare a Complete detail from Website which include:Title,Url,Description,Name,Email-id,Keywords.

The next important step is to select the category in which you are going to submit your site.

Before Starting Directory Submission Process just make sure that all details are collected and saved. 

There are lots of sites where you can find free Directory List.

Directory submissions are of three types:Regular,Featured,Regular with Reciprocal,Regular submissions are Free of Cost. 

Featured submissions are paid submissions.

Reciprocal link exchange will be taking place mostly in between two sites and sometimes in between a normal site and a directory site.

Paid submission is quickly accepted if your site is good and you don’t have to wait months for someone to review your site. 

While doing directory submissions make sure that you are providing correct information and in neat and clean way otherwise the editor will not approve link so do not just concentrate on more directory submissions but concentrate on Quality Factor as well.

Directory Submission  process not easy as it is fruitful only when your links are getting Approval .

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