Meta Tags have been one of the most basic elements of SEO. It is a must to know for every SEO practitioner. There are major types of Meta tags worth knowing about and we’ll talk about them all here. And will very likely increase page traffic by letting Google know who you are and what you provide.

META TAGS        

•How we explain to a google clawer of a search engine if we want it to index just the first page of our website or that it is allowed to index the whole website. We use a specific HTML Meta tag the so called the Meta robots tag.

Add the following robots metatag in the HTML source of website page.

< meta name="robots" content="index, follow">


<meta name="robots" CONTENT="all">  

•With the help of REVISIT-AFTER Meta tag we can tell the spider to come back to our website and index it again. This Meta tag is used by several North American search engines.

Syntax to use the Meta tag revisit-after

<meta name="revisit-after" content="7 days"> 

•The Meta tag abstract we can be used to indicate google crawler in just a very short sentence what the web-page is about.

Syntax to use the Meta tag abstract

<meta name="abstract" content="a very short description of website">

•How we put in our website the name of the company that made our website? We can use the so called WEB_AUTHOR tag.

Syntax of web author Meta tag.

<meta name="web author" content="editorial staff of meta tags">

•How we explain that the photos and the text on our website are protected? We can use the so called COPYRIGHT Meta tag.

Syntax of COPYRIGHT Meta tag.

<meta name="copyright" content="the Metatags Company" /> 

•The Meta tag distribution defines the level or degree of distribution of our web-page and how it should be classified in relation to methods of distribution on the World Wide Web.

Syntax of Distribution Meta tag.

<meta name="distribution" content="global">

•How we explain in which language our website is in? we use the so called Language tag.

Syntax of Language Meta tag

<meta name="language" content="English" />

•Google crawler also makes use of a Google-specific metatag to help determine how to best classify your content. By implementing the news keywords metatag we can specify which keywords are most relevant to our articles.

Syntax of News keywords Meta tag

<meta name="news_keywords" content="World Cup, Brazil 2014, Spain vs Netherlands">

•Google, Live and Yahoo support using the canonical tag and this tag can improve ranking of website.

Syntax of Canonical Meta tag

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

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