In android device user can download and install apps from Google play and many others stores. Android provides limited access memory and when you install app it consume memory. If you want to uninstall some apps which you have no need to use then you can uninstall your apps.

Here I am telling you how to install apps from your device. Follow below steps to install your apps.

Here is two options to uninstall your apps

1.      You can long press on your app icon and you will see uninstall options. Now move your app icon on uninstall option. 


2.      Second is

·        Open Settings  and tap on App options 


·        Now tap your apps which you want to uninstall. Now it will be open a App Info window


·        Choose uninstall option from this window. It will be ask confirmation for uninstall application. And select OK.


    Now your apps is uninstalling. It will take few minutes.


  Modified On Dec-07-2017 07:11:58 AM

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