With the Mail app, you can have all your email—from Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo!, and other accounts—in one single app. So there's no need to go to different websites or apps for your email. And there are no ads, so you get to focus on what’s important to you.

Windows 8 provides email app which make to use mailing easy, you have not any browser to login or logout. It contain previous offline data means we can re-study mail without internet connection.

Here I am telling you to setup mail on your windows app. Follow below steps to set up email on your Pcs.

1.   Press start button and type mail. Now you can see mail app on your system

2.  Press on mail option, if you have already login then it will be open your Inbox of mail otherwise it will be show window for login

3. Now add your existing email id and password. It may be Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook etc. After fill information press Save button.

If you already have a Microsoft account, sign-in here and let the application sync your Outlook mail or Windows Live Mail.

Simply select the service / provider you wish to use, enter the credentials, click on Connect, and you’re done.

Setting up IMAP Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail
Windows 8 Mail app doesn’t support POP3 email protocol, so if you absolutely have to use that, you’ll have to look for an alternative. However, since most email providers support IMAP as the standard these days, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. The procedure for adding is simple; follow the steps as specified above, but instead of choosing a present email service, hit Other Account. A detailed form will be presented, wherein you need to enter the incoming IMAP and outgoing SMTP server addresses, along with the login information. It’s pretty straightforward once you figure out that you need to have a connected Microsoft account before you’re able to use the Mail app for other purposes

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