A key or combination of keys that execute a specific function or command within an application or operating system. For example, the F7 key in Microsoft Word and other Microsoft programs is the shortcut key for the Spell Checker.

New Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 8 provides new features and added some new features on keyboard with using short cut keys.

Windows 8 keyboard

Below is a set of some of the new keyboard functions available for Windows 8 users.

      Keyboard Shortcut                                              Function               

     + start typing                                         Search on your PC

 Control plus(“+”) or Minus(“-“)        Control  Zoom in or out of a large number of items    

Ctrl + Scroll wheel                                Zoom in or out of a large number of items

      +C                                                 Open the charms menu

      +F                                                 Open the Search charm to search files

      +H                                                Open the Share charm

    + I                                               Open the Settings charm

    + K                                              Open the Devices charm

    + O                                              Lock the screen orientation

    + Q                                             Open the Search charm to search apps

    + W                                            Open the Search charm to search settings

    + Z                                             Show the commands available in the app

    + spacebar                               Switch input language and keyboard layout

    + Ctrl + spacebar                    Change to previously selected input

    + Tab                                        Cycle through open apps

    + Ctrl + Tab                            Cycle through open apps and snap them as they are cycled

    + Shift +                                   TabCycle through open apps in reverse order

    + Pg Up                                    Move the Start screen and apps to the monitor on the left

    + Pg Dn                                 Move the Start screen and apps to the monitor on the right

    91 + Shift + Period (“.”)       Snaps apps to the left

    + Period (“.”)                         Snaps apps to the right

    + X + Down arrow                 Open the Mobility Center

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc                            Open the Task Manager

    Esc                                                    Stop or exit the current task

General Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

There is also a host of returning keyboard shortcuts to go along with all the new Windows 8 shortcuts. The following are some of the most basic, general, and sought-after keyboard shortcuts for general day-to-day use for Windows users.

 Keyboard Shortcut                                              Function               

                                    Display or Hide the Start screen

    + Esc                       Exit Magnifier

    + B                           Set focus in the notification area

    + D                          Display and hide desktop

    + E                           Open Computer

    + G                          Cycle through Gadgets on the desktop

    + L                           Lock your PC or switch users

    + M                         Minimize all windows

    + Shift + M             Restore minimized windows on the desktop

    + P                           Choose a presentation display mood

    + R                           Open the Run dialogue box

    + T                           Cycle through apps on the taskbar

    + V                           Cycle through notifications

    + Shift + V               Cycle through notifications in reverse order

    + X                            Open the Quick Link menu

    + F1                          Open Windows Help and Support

    + Up arrow             Maximize the desktop window

    + Down arrow        Minimize the desktop window

    + plus (“+”) or minus (“-“)           Zoom in or out using Magnifier

     Alt + F4                           Close the active item, or exit the active app

Alt + Enter                           Display properties for the selected item

Control + C                          Copy the selected item

Control + X                          Cut the selected item

Control + V                          Paste the selected item

Control + Y                          Redo an action

Control + Z                          Undo an action

F1                                         Display Help

F2                                         Rename the selected item

F3                                         Search for a file or folder

F4                                         Display the address bar list in the File Explorer

F5                                         Refresh the active window

F10                                      Activate the menu bar in the active app


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